you are popular and practical: The wireless headphones from Apple, connected via Bluetooth with the Smartphone. And you are possibly carcinogenic. It’s nice to see at least 250 scientists from 40 countries, submitted a Petition to the UN and the world health organization (WHO), according to the British “Daily Mail” reported.

In the Petition, the researchers warn of different devices, which emit high-frequency radiation, which can be found in WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile data transferred. Wireless headphones, such as the Airpods from Apple are especially worrying, since they are worn directly in the ear canal and particularly sensitive parts of the ear and possibly even the brain.

cancer risk

proven Whether these devices cause people really cancer, is not proven. But: the animals were exposed to in experiments of high-frequency radiation, were in above-average mass of genetic, neurological, and reproductive damage.

The signatories of the Petition, sharper controls, and warnings are now calling in all kinds of technology based on radio waves. The WHO has issued already the guidelines for electromagnetic radiation (EMF), but according to the scientists, even low levels of radiation could already be carcinogenic.

These fears are by no means uncontroversial. According to Kenneth Foster, a Professor of biotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania, speaks of the evidence for that of Bluetooth headphones and similar devices is no danger to go out. There are thousands of studies on the subject, he says, “The Sun”. Only choose the ones that suggest a health risk, show that the “arguments are not credible”.