So really, the British did not want this Tunnel. A military Invasion, illegal Migration, rabid rats – all this and much more you were afraid of on your island. 25 years ago, he opened nevertheless, the Eurotunnel, a connection between the UK and France.

breakthrough after seven years

The Tunnel is approximately 37 kilometers under the English channel is not only the longest underwater tunnel in the world, but also the UK’s direct connection to Europe. The island and the mainland grew together. Especially in times of Brexits the Eurotunnel is a very special building, it could be quite a great deal of tension.

wars, political turmoil and endless conflicts had made the project impossible. More than seven years worked for thousands of workers, on 1. December 1990, it came to stitch, and both sides were connected to each other. Still good three years later, on the 6. In may 1994, opened by French President François Mitterrand and Queen Elizabeth II of the Tunnel, finally, solemnly. It should still take a few months, the passengers were able to use the Tunnel.

is Just under two hours on the island of

Of a total of about 50 km long Eurotunnel of three tubes, which extend up to 45 meters deep under the English channel. Through the outer tubes, a Track runs ever. In between, a security tunnel for rescue vehicles. In addition to the passenger train Eurostar, which connects Paris, Brussels, and London, run through the Tunnel in Shuttle trains for buses and cars as well as freight Shuttles for lorries and conventional freight trains.

Today, it takes on the Eurostar, only about two hours and fifteen minutes from Paris to London. Croissant for Breakfast on the Seine, and Fish and Chips for lunch on the river Thames are easily feasible. In the year 2018, approximately 22 million passengers travelled through the channel tunnel, either in the train, car or Bus. Around 430 million people counted by the tunnel operator since the opening of the Jahrhundertbaus.

police against refugees in the Tunnel

In the past years, Eurotunnel also made headlines because refugees want to reach the other side of the English channel. You can make as a stowaway on the way to England – to hold on to risk their lives on the roofs of trucks, hide in the trailers.

From the former refugee camp at Calais “jungle”, launched thousands of migrants with the hope of a better life. Finally, the authorities upgraded the Tunnel with dogs and fences.

The “jungle” there is no more today. But the Problem has not changed. “The refugee situation is still dramatic. It has improved in recent years,” says Frank Huster, managing Director of the German forwarding and logistics Association (DSLV). The phenomenon threatening the driver, the logistics and the Goods.

The protection of the authorities was not sufficient, the truck drivers were caught in illegal situations. Because: Who brings refugees to illegally cross the border – whether knowingly or unknowingly – threaten high penalties.

Brexit could cause tensions

Also in contention for the Brexit, the Eurotunnel is particularly in focus. Because in the case of an unregulated EU exit of great Britain from the European Union would develop in the Region of Folkestone, and the neighbouring Dover quickly to the eye of a needle. Close to Folkstone come a lot of trucks with Goods, the piggyback of the Shuttle trains to be brought across the English channel. In about twelve kilometres away to the Dover ferries transport a lot of vehicles.

If vegetables, car parts, or medicines: be transported a variety of Goods in the channel tunnel, or with ships. Because of the necessary customs controls, according to forecasts, would remain in the case of a Brexit, without agreement, more than 10,000 trucks in a short time on the British side, in the County of Kent, in Mega-traffic jams stuck. Sensitive products could become unusable. The expected Chaos could continue for half a year. In 2018, nearly 1.7 million trucks in the channel tunnel.

Indeed, a special summit of the European Union agreed on a six-month Brexit-shift – with an agreement. But, as before, the British Parliament is divided outlet in EU. How and when the Brexit will be, is still open and the fate of the regions on the Eurotunnel on both sides of the English channel. Sure, but is expected to be: no Matter how it comes, the connection between Europe and the UK will remain. (SDA)

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