‘When you realize that you are so much more than your appearance, there is a strength to look inward, and find out that you are beautiful on the more important areas. You are so strong, that it is beautiful. You are so caring, that it is beautiful’.

this is the sound of some of the text to the image, as 25-year-old Sofia Berg has posted on Instagram, and as you can see at the top here in the article.

the Gothenburg-the girl suffers from acne in the face, and it has for many years caused her to isolate himself in his apartment and avoid social contact. She suffered from depression and anxiety, and if she put some pictures on Instagram, she was doctored and airbrushed beyond recognition.

But the 24. October last year, she took a decision, which would prove not just to change her life, but also inspire people across the world: She put an unadorned and untreated picture of himself on Instagram.

“It was incredibly daunting in the beginning. My heart sat in my throat, when I was going to publish it. Earlier, when I took the selfies, the focus was on taking pictures in the right angles, with the right editing, in order to get aknen to disappear. Now the aim was instead to show how my skin actually looks like,” says Sofia Berg to P4 Göteborg.

She created the Instagram-profile ‘isotretinoinwiths’, when she started a course of treatment, which was to get to grips with hickeys, and decided to document the development.

But things took a sudden pace, and now followed she of more than 34,000 people from all over the world, and is hailed to be foregangskvinde for it, which is called ‘skin positivity’. She has grabbed the ball and communicate a lot with the many people who contact her about their own problems.

“I think it is good, you can talk about what it does to people to have acne. So you get a better understanding of each other, and can better help,” says the swede.