Emerson Royal of English giants Tottenham Hotspur has been the victim of an armed robbery in his native Brazil. This was confirmed by the police in the city of Americana in the state of São Paulo.

The 23-year-old national player assured after the incident via social media that he was fine. The alleged perpetrator, on the other hand, was injured and taken to the hospital after a shootout with an officer, according to the police. According to the Brazilian news portal “G1”, the incident happened when leaving a nightclub.

According to the responsible police department, at least 25 shots were fired. Accordingly, the alleged perpetrator had first threatened the footballer with his gun and then opened fire on a police officer who had rushed to help, which was followed by a lengthy exchange of fire. Valuables were later secured from the injured person, which he is said to have stolen from his prominent victim.

Emerson Royal is from Sao Paulo and according to G1, he went out with family and friends for Americana while on vacation from home. A photo of him next to the police officer was posted on the Premier League pro’s Instagram after the attack – captioned it: “God sends angels to earth. I will be eternally grateful to you. You were fundamental to me being here today.”

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