The Royal flag was hoisted, and the man knew that The Queen is at home. So the 22-snuck-Year-old to her Palace, climbed over everything that stood in his way and was suddenly in it. What is the man wanted in the grounds of Buckingham Palace in London, is so far not clear. Clearly, however, is that the security apparatus of the Queen had not work. A whopping four minutes it lasted, until the police had been on site.

This writes the British newspaper “The Sun” in their current issue. It refers to various insiders. This reports that the man tried in the night of Wednesday, the doors to the Palace by force to take. Fortunately, a eyes was a witness to quote, the latter had by this time all locked.

panic in the Palace

The Queen herself was in the midst of the Dream. The incident occurred around two o’clock in the morning. The man would sneak around to come in search of a way, but still somehow in the Palace. Since initially it was not clear whether he was armed, and the security forces with a huge array of on-the-spot, whether in the Palace in the meantime, panic erupted.

How is it possible, said another witness from the newspaper that someone climbs over the fence and directly on the site comes from? “What is with the heat sensors and surveillance cameras?”

On the edge of the bed of the Queen

memories come up, because in front of almost exactly 37 years ago, it had already brought another man to the Royal chambers to penetrate. Michael Fagan climbed up on 9. July 1982 on a rain gutters in Buckingham Palace. The unemployed father of four children, tricked, first a clerk, and pretended to work for yourself in the Palace. Fagan then drank a bottle of wine and an ashtray made of crystal glass have broken.

As he passed by on his walk to the bedroom of the Queen, he had recognized the Situation quickly. The chair of the bodyguard was empty; the man had just gone with the dogs of the Queen for a Walk …

Then Michael Fagan sneaked into the bedroom and sat with the Queen on the edge of the bed. There he is said to have entertained for minutes with her. The Queen pressed on the alarm button, but this did not work apparently.

charges for a bottle of wine

Fagan was indicted for the theft of the wine bottle. The process, however, was soon set.

The security dispositif of the Queen was replaced after the incident at the beginning of the 80s, and a massive increase. But 37 years later, it was again possible for a Person to go unnoticed in the Buckingham Palace penetrate. The police removed the man finally. Why he wanted to go to the Queen, is still unclear. (rpg)