21-year-old Samara judoist made a suicide attempt by jumping from the window

on Friday, the Ministry of sports of the Samara region reported the attempted suicide of a local 21-year-old judoist Maryam Sergeevoj, which took place in December last year. According to one version, the act caused by the harassment from the coach, on the other alcoholism.

According to the portal “Volga news”, the sportswoman of the Samara school of Olympic reserve at 4 in the morning December 11, jumped from the fourth floor of the hotel. She suffered multiple fractures, traumatic brain injury and fell into a coma.

Mary woke up on 7 February, she can talk and remember about what happened. She was awarded the first group of disability.

the girl’s Father, Kelis Esirkeev, connects the act of his daughter from harassment by trainer Sergey Gerasimov – the girl told the parents about the problems in the relationship with the mentor, and wrote a police report about the rape.

“I gave the coach a normal, healthy baby, and after five years got a cripple in every sense. Who is to blame? It is significant that from Samara no one even called, not looking for Maryam. I will refer to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office, so this will not leave”, – said Sergeev.

the Ministry of sports of the Samara region said that allegations of abuse by the coach of the athletes have no evidence. “According to available information, in 2019, the athletes had serious problems with alcohol. The facts were repeated finding it in the strongest alcoholic intoxication, extremely inappropriate behavior in this condition,” the statement quoted “R-Sport”.

In the MST region also noted that in 2015 the pupil of DYUSSH of the Yakutian city of Aldan Maryam Eserkeeva moved to Samara, where she began to train in the group of Sergei Gerasimov showing under his leadership, of high sports results at national and international level in the national teams of the Samara region and Russia in judoto.

the Senior trainer of female Russian national team under 21 years of TEM, Donguzashvili in an interview with RIA “Novosti” called “strange” incident with Sergeevoj, because there are no prerequisites for suicide was not.

“Maryam has always been an athlete, focused on success, she was never late for training and a very responsible approach to the competition. She always acted like an adult professional. Was not impressed with athletes that are able to take this step. This is all very strange. I hope she’ll be fine,” said the teacher.

Maryam achieved in judo considerable success – has won the Junior championship of Russia (2014, 2019), has won “bronze” of the European Cup (2019) and the silver of the Asian Cup (2019).