Bennet announced as President of the two “huge challenges” to address, is the Lack of economic opportunities for advancement for the majority of the citizens “, as well as the production of integrity in our government” – a clear allusion to Trump. “We must not be the Generation that leaves behind their children less instead of more,” wrote the 54-Year-old in the short message service Twitter.

Bennet represents the last ten years, the Rocky Mountains state of Colorado in the U.S. Senate. He represents the moderate wing of the party, and presents itself as an Advocate cross-party cooperation.

Bennet had already said in March that he was considering a Presidential bid. In mid-April he had to move, but an Operation for prostate cancer. This engagement had been “entirely successful,” Bennet need no further treatment, quoted at that time, the political magazine “Politico” the environment of the Senator.

The primaries for the determination of the U.S. presidential candidates will start on 3. February in the state of Iowa and go up to June. Currently, the polls among the Democrats, is located in the section according to the Website “real clear politics”, the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, with 32.8 per cent.

To him, Senator Bernie Sanders (19.4 percent), Senator Elizabeth Warren, as well as the homosexual mayor Pete Buttigieg (8.4 percent) and the Senator Kamala Harris (7.2 percent). The surveys have currently only a very limited predictive value.


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