Tokyo is on the ground. The Olympic games must be postponed due to the Coronavirus. Again, the Japanese capital. The rejection, tears open an old wound.

Because Tokyo was once in this Situation. Kido Koichi announced as the welfare Minister on may 16. In July 1938 that the games can not take place. Due to the war between Japan and China, the the 2 was. World war went ahead. Instead of the Olympic flame violence dominated the Japanese capital.

“If ever again the peace in the far East prevails, we can invite the games to us and to the world the true Japanese spirit show,” said Koichi at that time.

games in a sign of reconciliation

It should take 24 years to bring the games to Japan returned. To deep the wounds were after the lost second world war. Japan, which had suffered heavy nuclear weapons strikes, was destroyed. In the world of sports, the Nation played no role. The games were held in 1964, were a sign of reconciliation and resurrection.

In case of cancellation, 1938, the world stood at the abyss. Japan had received the summer (Tokyo) and the winter games (Sapporo) in 1940, under much Protest. The Nation was an ideological brother instead of Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy. To Berlin in 1936, the next Propaganda should follow games.

Tokyo won the election narrowly to Helsinki with 36:27 voices, and you promised in Japan of the Play a reconciling effect. For two years the preparations were pushed forward. It rained threats of international protests and the Boycott. But From the games came through the Japanese voluntarily – and especially for financial reasons. It was important in the war against China to upgrade.

A different world

Instead of the Play in Japan, it would be to step in have been the first outside of Europe or the USA, have first, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Winter) and Helsinki (summer). But the outbreak of the second world war prevented both. Not until 1948 in St. Moritz (Winter) and London (summer) should take place again games.

Parallel to the cancellation of 1940 can hardly be drawn. The world was a very different.

But the games would have been with those in 1964, to compare. As at the time, Japan also wanted to show that it has again rattles. After the nuclear disaster of Fukushima in 2011, they wanted to present themselves as economically healthy, self-confident and strong. The cancellation of the Land of the rising hits the sun so strong. However, in comparison to the Situation 80 years ago, it is bearable. (sme/sid)

Coronavirus: Cancellations and postponements in the sports

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