Showing it’s always Russiagate-o’clock in US Congress, Senator Jacky Rosen (D-Nevada) rejected any claims of election fraud as false narratives ‘pushed’ by RT and Sputnik at a hearing featuring ex-CISA chief Chris Krebs.

Krebs, a former Microsoft executive who led the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency until he was fired by President Donald Trump last month, testified before the Senate on Wednesday. 

While the president tweeted that Krebs had been “totally excoriated and proven wrong” at the hearing, Rosen, a Nevada Democrat, dismissed all claims by the Trump campaign lawyer Jesse Binnall as baseless.

Chris Krebs was totally excoriated and proven wrong at the Senate Hearing on the Fraudulent 2020 Election. Massive FRAUD took place with machines, people voting from out of state, illegals, dead people, no signatures—and so much more!

There was no foreign interference in the election, but there was foreign ‘influence’ by Russia, Rosen claimed in her opening statement.

“Russian media sources such as RT and Sputnik were already pushing the narrative that the US would not conduct free and fair elections,” Rosen said, citing something called ‘Althea Group’ as her source, though the only company by that name deals with healthcare technology.

Rosen also cited something called the Election Integrity Partnership, which she said “found that social media accounts tied to the Russian Internet Research Agency amplified claims of election fraud leading up to the 2020 election.”