1. April it’s that time again: Numerous tenants a move is imminent. After the stuff Packed and the apartment was cleaned in a big action, following the Transfer of the property leased to the rent base. VIEW shows what you have in mind, so there is no Stress. For more tips on the submission log in the move.

tenants liable for any damage in the apartment that go beyond normal wear and tear. With a private liability insurance you can protect yourself financially. However, this is not pays for everything.


1 read. How must be delivered to the apartment?

The apartment must be thoroughly cleaned (including Cleaning or replacing the fan filter to the stove). A plaster Institute is commissioned, it is essential to agree on a written guarantee. Changes made without the consent of the lessor (e.g., a red painted wall), must be brought in the original state. Necessarily prior to the acceptance with the landlord to clarify whether it accepts certain Changes.

2. How is the handover?

The rent force reviewed the current condition of the apartment and the result is usually a pre-printed form, the so-called acceptance report. The deficiencies are listed. It will be noted whether the tenant is responsible or not. With the signature this acknowledges the correctness of the Protocol; therefore, Only after the exact read write!

3. What is the purpose of the acceptance Protocol?

As the basis for final settlement – if it is signed by the parties. Because the tenant can only be held responsible for damages, which are recorded in writing. Creates a list of defects, but not signed, the following applies: The landlord must make the recognizable defects immediately, within two to three business days after the acceptance in writing. Exactly the same, he must approach, if a Protocol is completely missing. In case of dispute, the arbitration authority or the Rent Tribunal would have to decide on the asserted defects.

4. For the defects that the tenant is liable?

The tenant only needs to pay for excessive wear and tear on the apartment. Including holes in the floor or in the carpet, torn Wallpaper, stained walls, a crack in the sink, or by heavy Smoking discolored Wallpaper and the walls will fall. For the normal wear and tear, the landlord bears the costs. To do this, The impression of pictures or furniture, minor scratches in the parquet, some of the nail or dowel holes, as well as the normal wear and tear of a carpet.

5. Must take in case of a damage, the tenant the full cost?

it depends on The age of the damaged item – the so-called life. This is, for example, in the case of a coat of paint 8 years. An example: The wall in the children’s room was last painted 4 years ago. The tenant only needs to pay 50% of the cost for the new coat of paint, if his children have painted the walls. The last coat of paint is even 8 years or more, he owes no compensation.

6. What happens if I lose the key?

The lessee for damages will apply. For safety reasons, he may need to pay the cost for the installation of a new lock.

Now it is carton pack: 1. April, many people in Switzerland in a new apartment. The main points are to be observed.

sign a contract, terminate rental agreement. Changes of address send. Reins of the company and plaster Institute book. Damage to the apartment to report repairs.

packaging material
get screed
and the cellar rooms, deep-frozen products. Ablesetag for electricity and water agree.

Everything what is not needed, pack it in.

Parking for reins of vehicle in the old and
new place book. Tax time appointment with the landlord to agree. Drilling and nail holes with spackle. Pack.

last things to pack. Valuables in a secure place for safekeeping. Enough cash to withdraw. Refrigerator and freezer defrosting rest. Check whether or not you want to organize catering for the reins of the men – or their Znünipause have to pay. to lose

A key is annoying. For tenants, such a loss may be associated with considerable costs. Not always, the tenant has to carry the whole damage yourself.


The house owner and the tenant Association, read a joint life table: Sub-lease of the band.ch you can be downloaded.
Important: In case of discoloured wall-paper by the smoker, an insulating coating is additionally needed. The costs are borne by the tenant in full. The normal cost of the paint calculated in accordance with the service life. Tip: The tenants Association has experts who support the flat tax.