20 years ago, Vladimir Putin was first elected President of Russia

Shortage of funds, the collapse of industrial and agrarian sector, lack of sources of income has led to the fact that one of the main functions is to protect citizens, primarily social, was simply impossible. The lack of salaries and unpaid pensions have become synonymous with this era and the crumbling system of public administration led to a rather sad consequences – from the “parade of sovereignties” to the growth of criminal and terrorist threats. The state was helpless, uncontrollable and neupravliiaemyi. In fact, Russia began to gradually disappear from the maps from the pages of textbooks and go to a phantom mode of existence: it seems to be there, but in fact it is almost non-existent.

Photo: Nina zotina/RIA Novosti Most importantly from the appeal of Vladimir Putin to the citizens of

Vladimir Putin was elected President in early 2000-ies, has received a very sad legacy: on the one hand, extremely painful list of problems, and on the other the skepticism of elites, population, foreign “partners.” The main question that hovered in the air, was very simple and extremely tough: will there be 20 years from Russia to exist as an independent state at all. Today, even the most ardent critics and opponents to imagine such a formulation is impossible.

it is Possible long to list the problems of the 90s and their causes, blame it on the late-Soviet elite, liberals, international conspiracy, carelessness, anything, but by the time of Putin’s election was already the question is not who is to blame, and whether it will turn out from this situation the country and its citizens to get out and with some losses.

of the object that can implement external and internal exposure all who were interested in it, became a full-fledged subject of politics and EastOria

of Course, Putin immediately showed himself as an outstanding political Manager!

26 December 2008. Vladimir Putin is still in the status of the Prime Minister visited a Christmas fair in St. Petersburg and together with the young Urbanite minted old coin. Photo: Oleg Prasolov/RG

Various studies conducted in our country by the representatives of the liberal opposition, and foreign analytical services, saying that it is not in Putin’s policies and principles, and in the usual luck, in the growth of prices for hydrocarbons. Won’t drop, of course, hydrocarbons from the accounts, but it is not so much the number of important quality of the political, economic and social processes, which the President failed to start. Even with the growth of prices for hydrocarbons in the conditions of the previously existing rules, the main beneficiaries were the owners of big companies, not the state and its citizens.

and oil prices began to grow immediately, after a few years, and the non-payment and delay of pensions, salaries, social benefits, Putin has stopped from the first day of his presidency. So the ideology, principles and rules developed on their basis have meaning. Lucky only to those who are lucky and work.

Peskov said about the graph Putin on the background of the situation with coronavirus

that is why Putin’s main resource – the trust of the people, the citizens, of course, trust Putin because they believe he is always first and foremost acting in their interests.

we Can debate and try to evaluate made by Vladimir Putin during his leadership. I think there are several basic stages and directions.

the First is the adoption of extraordinary and urgent measures aimed at cementing the country as the subject and fight against those traditional manifestations of the ‘ 90s, corruption, permissiveness, the collapse of the Federation, banditry and terrorism. The country began to strengthen as the subject, which is the OSthus a key core design of the entire system of society. Began to appear a working system of government, there are clear rules that regulate and continue to regulate all spheres of life-changing country. They apply not only to Federal relations, domestic policy, economic policy, defence and our relationship with the outside world. Russia gained a real working institutions. One can argue endlessly about the effectiveness and work to improve. It is important that the original design principles work for the good of the country and its citizens.

Today is universally recognized in Russia created a Foundation for the development of the country, the development of sustainable, damping possible external and internal stress

the Second – Putin has managed to lay the basis for further socio-economic development. I will not list all the steps that have been taken by the President. Today it is generally accepted in Russia created a Foundation for the development of the country, the development of sustainable, damping possible external and internal stress. In the second phase is actually the Foundation was laid that would be difficult, and sometimes unpleasant, neither the developments in and around Russia, the margin of safety allows you to overcome any crises.

March 12, 2003. Vladimir Putin drove to the home of Sergei Mikhalkov on the occasion of its anniversary, the meeting also were the sons of the author of the anthem of the Soviet Union Nikita Mikhalkov and Andron Konchalovsky. Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG

the Third of the object that can implement external and internal exposure all who were interested in it, became a full-fledged subject of politics and history. Russia is back in the mainstream of the historical process, occupying the place which it assigned on the right – great, strong and as though it sounded weird (and the current situation with Italy is shown), generous power.

And very an important outcome of Putin’s two decades – changes the relationship of citizens to the country. Of course, Putin’s supporters, and those who are in opposition, and even those students who went on protests, unable to be bored to argue about methods, ways and terms of achieving political goals, but they all come from a single Maxim – believe in my country and its future.