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2300 of the applications are ordinary applications for unemployment benefits, while 18.100 of the applications apply unemployment benefits by permittering, says Nav on their websites.

Since Thursday, 12. march, the day many of the most comprehensive measures were introduced to limit the smittespredningen of koronaviruset, it entered into a total of 243.600 applications for unemployment benefits, which 224.200 apply unemployment benefits by permittering, write Nav.

So far in 2020, it is entered into the total 282.600 applications for unemployment benefits, compared with 160.500 throughout 2019 and 166.600 throughout 2018.

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– the NAV will now get a very high number of applications and inquiries, and we now do everything we can to make sure people get their money. We ask that those who can use digital services to seek out the nav.en to find answers to the questions. Here we will update the information to users, and employers as quickly as we can, said the ministry of labour and velferdsdirektør Sigrun Vågeng Monday.

In the course of the weekend, it came into 37.900 new applications for unemployment benefits from Nav. 23.600 of the applications arrived on Friday, 6.600 on Saturday and 7.800 on Sunday, according to the Nav.

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the Number of applications shows that there is a downward curve in the applications that have come in connection with koronakrisen.

At the most, it came into 63.680 new applications in one day, which was Tuesday last week. It was followed by 40.614 applications on Wednesday and 31.116 applications Thursday.

Nho chief economist Øystein Dørum said to NRK in the last week that the unemployment rate is now at its highest since the depression in the 1930s.

Nav is to Tuesday at 14.00 add up their weekly statistics of the unemployed.

26 152 Number of sick with proven or suspected korona

113 New sick leave the last day

Last updated: 24. march County New per d.d Total Oslo 300 4655 Creek 435 6548 Rogaland 156 2799 Møre and Romsdal 51 827 Nordland 18 673 Inland 68 1268 Vestfold and Telemark 114 1938 Agder 85 1297 Vestland 143 3525 Trønderlag 104 1462 Troms and Finnmark 51 888 Unknown 0 129 Show per county

224 780 Submitted applications for unemployment benefits by permittering

175 New applications last day

Last updated: 24. march Counties New per week 13 Total Oslo 2 729 36 451 Viken 3 906 50 393 Rogaland 1 497 19 017 Møre and Romsdal 937 9 752 Nordland 688 8 088 Inland 1 102 13 968 Vestfold and Telemark 1 233 15 567 Agder 943 11 317 Vestland 1 811 26 063 Trønderlag 1 426 18 759 Troms and Finnmark 761 9 020 Unknown 1 110 6 385 Show per county More about koronaviruset OversiktSiste nyttSpørsmålNyhetsbrev