From the readers of research, we know that readers leave the Text, even if the beginning is interspersed with incomprehensible foreign words. I’m doing it anyway, and dedicate this column to the co-ordination deduction of the 2. Column.

What is it with this word added? With the coordination deduction the first pillar, the AHV, the 2 is. Pillar, occupational Pension provision, in a coordinated manner. So is brought from the pensionable salary under the pension Fund, the employer and employee contributions to calculate a so – called coordination contribution deduction approximately equal to the AHV / AVS pension. He is currently 24’885 Swiss francs. This deduction reduces the size of the pensionable salary. The deeper the insured wage, the lower the pension.

the unions and the employers ‘Association in order to improve this coordination deduction on a 12’443 Swiss francs. You are in a pitch process. In November, a consultation of the Federal Council is expected to have. This halving is in principle positive. Positive especially for Insured persons with lower income. Better yet, the complicated construct would entirely abolished.

The co-ordination deduction is a misogynist – or better yet, part-time employees hostile. Because the charge is independent of the level of employment. For Illustration a simple example: A married couple works 50 per cent, to the spirit of the time according to the time in the household and with the children to divide. Both earn 40’000 Swiss francs. Now the two 24’885 Swiss francs will be deducted. So you come to a pensionable salary of only 15’to 115 francs, two are 30’230 Swiss francs. Only one Person works full-time to one year’s salary of 80’000 Swiss francs, the insured salary is 55’115 francs. If so, the employer and employee contributions at 55’115 or 30’230 Swiss francs will be charged, is a huge difference that has an impact on the amount of the pension is sustainable.

in 2011, demanded that the Bernese FDP national councillor Christa mark Walder with a parliamentary Initiative, the coordination deduction the workload to adapt. The Initiative is still in the political mill where it is crushed probably. Now, although the social partners want to cut it in half, as I said, the co-ordination deduction. After all. But an adjustment to the workload is not planned. We can only hope that Parliament does by the advice of the BVG Revision of this correction.

worker-friendly pension funds fit in the non-mandatory area of the coordination deduction today the workload. For example, the Zurich-based IUC, with 121’000 Insured persons, the largest pension Fund in Switzerland. Not all pension funds to do this.