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– You have to take action when it is needed, ” says the Templates Augustin. She is one of studentrepresentantene that took hold when the Norwegian students in Budapest so that it became more and more complicated to get home from the closed campuses.

Waited to go home

With koronaviruset as an increasingly greater threat to shut more and more universities and colleges the doors. But many of them were not very clear on how long stengningene would care, and thus it was that many students drøyde to go home. They would not miss teaching if the lectures were taken up again.

at the same time closed more and more countries to their limits. Fewer people traveled, and the airlines put their aircraft on the ground.

Many had set their aircraft. The few departures that went had several stopovers, and people were afraid to be standing in an airport in another country without being allowed to travel further, ” says Augustin.

She says there were many students got in touch with the student organization Ansa to get advice about what they should do. The same experienced Ansa in Slovakia.

So I took the contact with, as we have had a good working relationship with for many years. They could help us.

Could not run into the neighboring

The staff had chartered a plane. The plan at first was that it would go directly from Bratislava in Slovakia, where the majority of norwegians who were traveling. But it was not possible for the norwegians in Hungary to reach by car or bus over the border. Thus goes flighten first to Slovakia, then on to Budapest before it turns north and travels directly to Oslo.

It was opened for registration on Thursday and most of the seats disappeared immediately. A journey home costs about 5000 dollars, about the same as it costs to buy a ticket on the web now, ” she says.

the Aircraft will be first ten Bratislava, so here to Budapest, before it landed in Oslo.

Photo: Gergely Besenyei / AFP

Ausgustin tells Ansa, together with the seamen’s church, arranges beredskapsskurs for the union. But they might not have had the chartering of aircraft on the program. Still have kursingen come in handy, ” she believes.

– We have a duty of confidentiality and can help students in several contexts. We are among other things trained in, to have plans for what to do if something goes wrong during our events, for example. We also have a beredskapsgruppe in Ansa central that we can support us to. We have had the pleasure of during this crisis, ” she says.

The last few weeks, the students have also helped each other in this particular situation. They created groups on the net where you could request help to get acted, for example.

“It has been wonderful to see the community flourish,” says Augustin, who is himself studying medicine in Budapest.

on sj’s night trains and kompiskjøring in the taxi to the airport

In Košice in Slovakia is Emilie Haug finished with the package for the return. She goes on veterinærstudie and have waited to travel until she knew whether the lectures were completely cancelled.

It has not been easy here in the past. It was for example forbidden to go out without a face mask, at the same time as it was sold out of surgical masks in the pharmacies.

Now, both Emilie Bunch and the dog in her Honor, home to Norway.

Photo: Private

Quite simply, it is not possible to get from studiebyen to the airport in Bratislava. Most people who travel from Košice takes nattoget. A trip that usually uses a little over 4 hours, now takes 7.5 hours, since trains go in søndagsruter for the time being.

I’ve got three taxis to transport a total of 20 people, with luggage and some dogs, to Bratislava. So we leave early Friday morning, ” says Emilie Bunch.

Even though she is unsure of what happens with the studies going forward, think she will be good to come home now.

It will be nice to see the family, after some quarantine, ” she says.

An aircraft from the Czech lavkostselskapet Smartwings is chartered.

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