The sporting goods retailer Keller Sports, founded in 2005, is insolvent. As “” reports, the “liquidity crisis” caused by problems with the supply chains, restrictions due to Corona and the market conditions in the wake of the Ukraine war could not be eliminated. Therefore, the step into insolvency is now necessary.

There has been a crisis at Keller Sports since 2020. Due to the “limited availability of goods” due to Corona, sales growth fell significantly between August and mid-October.

A year later, external financiers and existing shareholders stepped in to “optimally support the strong growth of the Keller Group on the financial side,” according to a spokesman for the textile industry.

In June of this year, capital payments were made by the existing shareholders and a new managing director, Ingo Stober, was hired for the restructuring. Apparently, all the steps could not avoid the need for insolvency proceedings.

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