the Season is put on hiatus for most athletes the world over, and the same goes for some of the largest sportsnavne.

Including the 16-year-old tennistalent Holger Rune, who last year won the French Open for juniors.

Stortalentet are these days forced to work out on their own because of coronavirussen, who shut down the countries down on the strip at the moment.

Include the development affects the dane, just as it does with all the others, but the young star has yet tried to use his celebrity voice to make a call on his Instagram profile.

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‘Let us fight this virus with all we can. Most of us are not doctors or nurses, but we can help and fight by acting responsibly,’ commenced he spread on the social media.

Holger Rune writing then passed on in the advertisement, that right now are other things that are more important than one’s own interests:

‘Everything we do has consequences for others in these days. I love the world, the freedom to be able to travel, the diversity in people and cultural differences, and I can’t wait to travel out in the world again. But right now, we must override our own needs and thinking of each other.’

The Danish stortalent was recently in action for Denmark, as the Danish herrelandshold defeated Puerto Rico 5-0 in the Davis Cup.

Holger Rune won both of its showdown in the single, and the result means that Denmark will remain in the World Group and World Group II. The next time, the Danish tennisherrer to be in action, under the plan in september, but it depends on the virus development.

Professional tennis stars across the world can look forward to a long break from the lines as the men’s ATP Tour and women’s WTA Tour both are exposed to a minimum of 20. april because of the fear of coronaviruses.