Board of Directors and management of the Stans music days were because even with the on Sunday to the end of the previous 24. Output “organizationally, and in terms of content,” satisfied, how to say it in a message.

On a similar level as in the previous year, the visitor figures were in the paid program. At that time, the managers announced that the concerts had been running at 80 percent.

the concerts of Ladysmith Black Mam-bazo, Albin Brun Quartet & vocabulary in Schola, L’Horée, Minyanta, paw munches Quark and Jolly & The Flytrap were Sold out this year, according to a statement. Also popular are the free concerts on the village square and on the Länzgi stage. Whether paid or not, with the high quality of the concerts had been convinced by all of them.

Overall, waited the 24. Stans music days with 40 concerts on eleven stages. In addition, this year there was a festival, a radio, a daily one hour live from the village square sent. This Radio “Weidli on the MIC” have become a popular meeting place in the village square. The end of the this year’s Stans music days, the concert of Naqsh Duo continued on Sunday in the chapel of grace, and Niederrickenbach at buochs horn.