A naked mannequin instead of a plucked chicken: Eugen-starring Manuel Häberli (27) posing with his three colleagues on the movie poster for “My Name is Eugen”. Since the Hit movie exactly 15 years have passed: “The photo is a Gag, we have tried to make it as similar as possible,” said Alex low-houses (28).

The four Teenagers are now adult men, have Girlfriends and a job. Actors none of them, however, was. From “Eugen” is a Designer, Dominic Hänni (27) is building prostheses, Janic Halioua (29) works in a film production behind the camera and Alex low houses is a butcher. He is the only one in the spotlight has not fully released.

“at the time, We experienced an incredible ten weeks at the Turning”

low-houses will be rocking the stage with his Band “Hess & The Spanky’s hammer”, plays Bass and sings: “We are composing almost everything yourself, and in August, our first Album is coming out.” The reminder photo to Eugen is created in the rehearsal room: “at the time, We experienced an incredible ten weeks at the Turn, the will remain unforgettable.” From the time a friendship is created that lasts for ever and ever. The four scallywags are by Whatsup-Chat in the contact: “Unfortunately, we do not see ourselves often enough that we want to change in the future.”