“I’m glad that a man is apprehended,” says Olga Frantsvåg (78).

She is one of 15 women who together are attempted to be defrauded of over four million of the man, according to the indictment. The case starts in the South-Trøndelag district court on Monday.

Older ladies like named Gord, Anne and Sigrid have to watch out for “Olga-scam” Called the women

NRK-publicized case last autumn when the police and banks hunted the fraudsters that seemed to choose its victims in the telephone book, by looking up the names that were popular for 70-90 years ago. The scammer posing to be the bank and got a bank ID information from the women.

district attorney: “Sandy at the Trøndelag public prosecutors.

Photo: Kjartan Ovesen / NRK

– There is a comprehensive bedrageritiltale both in terms of the number of the offended person and the amounts the individual is prone to lose. It is a case the police have investigated with great effort in order to get sufficient information for a prosecution, ” says district attorney Unni Sandy to NRK.

Acknowledge something straffskyld

Also DNB is happy that they have stopped the man who they believe is behind it. They reported the man as the police now have charges.

VICTIM: Olga Frantsvåg was attempted to be defrauded for 150.000 nok according to the indictment.

Photo: Fredrik Hansen / NRK

We are very pleased that the joint efforts that the banks and police did for quickly and effective to stop the scam gave quick results, ” says Terje Fjeldvær, head of Financial Cyber Crime Center, DNBs department for bedrageribekjempelse.

He says that both the banks and the police put huge resources in to fight crime.

KRIMSENTER: Terje Fjeldvær (to the right) leads his colleagues in the DNBs security department Financial Crime Center.

Photo: John Mjaaland / NRK

There was a known issues from Denmark and Sweden, where they have held on to for several years without being able to combat the problems, ” says Fjeldvær.

the Defendant has been imprisoned pending completion of the criminal case will be up, since he was arrested in October last year, ” says the man’s defense.

He acknowledges straffskyld for some but not for all the points in the indictment. And nowhere near the amount of over four million that he is accused of, ” says attorney Tor the Bunch to NRK.