never the green carpet has made more sense than this year’s opening of the Zurich Film Festival, the color symbolizes since 2010, the climate neutrality. 15. The output of the ZFF began with the feature film about the Basel-based environmental activist Bruno Manser, who has returned since the year 2000 never out of the jungle of Borneo and has since been missing is.

Manser is the Hero of our time

“He is the right Hero for our time of climate crisis,” said city President Corine Mauch (59). “It is important to address this message also emotional, exactly that creates this game film.” To call legal Co-Festival Director Karl Spoerri (46) the biographical eco-Thriller “the voice of The rain forest,” a Swiss Version of the classic “Apocalypse Now”.

praise from the President

Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) referred to Bruno Manser, one of the first thinkers to the environmental situation: “He was an Idealist who was not initially taken seriously.” But exactly this will need to arranged all of an idea under. To make a Festival, how the ZFF on the legs. For Nadja Schildknecht (46) and Karl Spoerri is the last year in which they conduct the Festival on an operational level: “you have created a biotope of the emotions and of the exchange.”

the environmental film was also Praised by some guests with her Outfit, so of singer Seven (40) or actress Isabella Schmid (48). This used the green carpet for her first appearance with her new treasure: the Zurich-based photographer Urs Gantner.