This came according to a local police spokesman from the Saturday to the detonations. Among the dead were six children and three women.

The building was the speaker, late on Friday evening (local time) of units of the police and the army have been surrounded. Due to the use of investigations following the devastating attacks of Easter Sunday with more than 250 dead. The security forces were fired upon, according to the out of the house. Shortly afterwards it came into the building to at least three explosions.

“We’ve found searched the building and 15 bodies, twelve of them in the house and three in front of it,” said the spokesman. The police suspect that the explosions go back to one or more suicide bombers. A child and a woman were injured to the hospital.

Sainthamaruthu is located about 360 kilometers to the East of the island capital of Colombo, and is not far from the town of Batticaloa, where on Easter Sunday, a Church attacked. Nine native suicide bombers, including a woman, had committed that day, attacks, among other things, on three Christian churches and three luxury hotels. The police warned then against new attacks by Islamists in the island state. Although dozens of Suspects in custody were, some were still at large.

The government and the authorities in Sri Lanka after the attacks under a lot of pressure, as there had been in the run-up to concrete evidence, which has not been investigated.