14 people died in the earthquake in Turkey

Photo: AP/TASS/Emrah Gurel

the Victims of the massive earthquake in Turkey were 14 people, and another 270 were injured. It is reported TASS with reference to the management of emergency situations and natural disasters.

it is Noted that 8 people were killed and 225 injured in elazığ. In the province of Malatya victims of aftershocks are even 6 people were also injured 45 of the local people.

Earlier it was reported that in Turkey a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8.

Seismoisolation were recorded in the district of the city of Sivrice at 20:55. Its epicenter lies at a depth of 7 kilometers.

the interior Ministry in the country said that the accident was destroyed the provincial building. It was also reported about the recording of aftershocks greater than 5 points.

January 11, an earthquake occurred in the Istanbul suburb of Silivri. The epicenter was located in the waters of the sea of Marmara.

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