14 million people may lose their jobs in the US in 2020

As CNN reports, it is more than 10% of all jobs in the American private sector. The most affected retail, tourism, hotel and restaurant business.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Sobyanin: the Peak incidence of the coronavirus has not yet passed, we are at the beginning

“These sectors are likely to be disproportionately vulnerable to social isolation, which is necessary to slow down the pandemic,” the report says EPI. According to the forecasts, such States as Nevada, Montana and Hawaii, will lose the greatest number of jobs, because much of their workforce is employed in the sectors of leisure, hospitality and retail.

the Experts also predict that the U.S. will need at least 2.1 trillion dollars of Federal funds in 2020 to bring the country back to “normal economic health.”

despite this impressive means “many Americans will continue to be unemployed, possibly for months, until it stops the spread of the virus”, according to the report.


Earlier Wednesday, the CNN experts have given to understand that the peak of the pandemic in the fashion industry, and the largest number of deaths in the USA expected in approximately three weeks. As of Wednesday morning, the United States recorded more than 55 thousand cases of the disease died, about 800 people.