13-year-old Valiev predicted the appearance of a quintuple jump in figure skating

the world Champion among juniors 2020 in the women’s singles Kamil Valiev did not rule out that the jump in four turns in figure skating is not the limit, just start jumping in childhood. Then “gets a little scary.”

“I Think still there will be people who will do the quintuple, maybe even gears. When you’re little, you have to learn a Quad, because they are closer to 17 years you get a little scared. Everything you’ve learned up to this age, I think, stays with you,” said 13-year-old Russian figure skater in the program “Good morning” on the First channel.

According to Valieva, Eteri Tutberidze is a very demanding coach, but if you do what she wants, can and to praise. The mentor also advises her on how best to put on makeup or fix your hair. In addition, the costumes also picks up Tutberidze.

Recall that Camilla Valieva won gold at the Junior world championship in Tallinn with a margin of second place by almost 20 points.