“the Dead girl, 13 Reasons Why”) not “(“is lie and a brutally honest series – too brutal and too honest for some experts. Since the first broadcast of the teen drama, which revolves around the suicide of the main character Hannah (Katherine Langford, 23), especially a scene in the season finale to talk about again and again: In the original version, the act of suicide is portrayed in almost three minutes in a very detailed and bloody. Now the show makers have decided before the Start of the third season to change this scene.

“With the TV adaptation of the novel “Dead girls don’t lie” we wanted to tell a story, the young viewers the feeling that they are heard and seen,” says series Creator Brian Yorkey (49) in Netflix’ Statement about the scene change. But, above all, the suicide-scene healthcare professionals made since the appeal – they could lead to imitations.

third season to this year

to be aired With a new season, which should come out this year, doesn’t win “the Dead girl lies” back for more attention and new viewers could also watch again the first season. Therefore, and due to renewed protests from experts, has Netflix changed the scene now. New you can see Hannah looking at herself in the mirror and then directly the reaction of their parents to suicide. The bloody act of suicide, and the last few seconds of Hannah’s been cut out.

Several American organizations for suicide prevention salute the decision in a joint Statement: “This positive Change “will ensure that” Dead girl makes lying still for an open discussion about mental health and suicide prevention – while it reduces the risk for the most vulnerable young viewers.” (rgl)

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consulting telephone of the Offered Hand: phone 143 www.143.chBeratungstelefon Pro Juventute (children and adolescents): telephone 147 www.147.chWeitere addresses and information: www.reden-kann-retten.ch

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