Of sewing machines and bicycles to cars with electric and hydrogen drive. In the painting of a locksmith, Adam Opel in the wildest Dreams. After his death his wife and sons continued to run the business. And like her father a Golden nose for new Trends and developments. The result: in 1899, the first Opel-the car is built. 65 copies of the Patent motor car “System Lutzmann” are still made by Hand.

in 1924, Opel, however, is the first German car manufacturer on the conveyor belt. A spirit of invention and sales to take a powerful journey. The little green Opel 4/12 BHP, the so-called tree frog, is also a hit as the first Kadett Generation of 1936. The technical Highlight: lightweight, thanks to the self-supporting steel body shell.

After 1945, the Opel motorized, finally, millions of people in the whole of Europe with models such as the Olympia Rekord (1953) or the 1962 re-offered to the cadet. From 1960 onwards, Opel does with his middle-class model record as a sedan, wagon and coupe caused a sensation. And with the captain, Admiral and Diplomat, is conquered starting in 1964, thanks to the highest level of driving comfort, even the upper class. And until this year, Opel Cars to wear the legendary flash on the grille.

120 years Opel

Opel is celebrating 120 years of Opel Automobiles. Discover the attractive offers for the 120-year models.


First, the Logo was a stylized A, the Initial of the founder Adam Opel, the Opel eye, different variations of the lettering, and in 1935, then a stylized Zeppelin followed in 1910. This should symbolize the progress. The Zeppelin was in the course of time, always inconspicuous, received in the 50s, a wing and turned, finally, in 1964, in the Opel Blitz.

1972 Opel contributes to the Trend of the compact car with the Ascona invoice – once the Name of a Swiss special model of the Olympic record.

in Addition, the US justified-inspired Opel GT, Kadett C, and especially the Manta A with the rally-inspired top diesel and gasoline units, Opel’s sporty reputation. The Manta manages to cult Status. Not least because of the two movies “Manta, Manta” and “Manta The movie”. The climax of these developments: in 1989, launched a Calibra with a 204-horsepower turbo engine and all-wheel drive.

About 100 years after the tree-frog it with Opel back green. For the past ten years, the group is pushing ahead with electro-mobility. With the first Ampera, the brand offered in 2012 an electric car, which, thanks to the Range Extender via a separate power supply and thus of the charging infrastructure, regardless of power.

Four years later, a battery electric Stromer with according to the NEDC, approximately 520 kilometres, followed with the Ampera-e. At the same time the Opel relies on Lightweight construction and efficient engines, innovative LED lighting technology and ergonomics and award-winning seats. With the Grand country X Hybrid4 and the electric Corsa-e Opel brings in just a few months more electrified models.

Until 2024 Opel wants to be with all the models, driving an electric car. And also the innovative fuel cell technology at Opel are at the leading edge. 120 years – and not a bit of innovation tired. Always inspiring, always approachable.

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