Daughter Peskov responded to angry comments about the father.

Daughter of press Secretary of the President of Russia Elizabeth Peskov responded to a comment by Instagram about the illness of his father.

Publish from Elizaveta Dmitrievna (@lisa_peskova) 13 May 2020 9:19 PDT

As reported by “the Rambler”, earlier it became known that Dmitry Peskov and his wife, figure skater Tatiana Navka had contracted the coronavirus in the hospital. Peskov said that in recent times personally contacted by the head of state over a month ago.

In the comments in Instagram Elizabeth Sand user with the nickname wehplfrp1v1sc said that “120 million people waiting to be folder “leaned”.

“And one loving daughter believes that all will be well,” replied the girl.

Her comment, according to 8.40 GMT on may 14, gained 122 rating “like”.