The new high-rise with a view radius of Basel on the upper Rhine to the city Birstal at the Spengler Park Areal, the interface from the commercial area, three pointed and the residential area of the agglomeration community of münchenstein. Investor the CSA Real Estate Switzerland (CSA RES), a group of the Credit Suisse investment Foundation.

For the construction of high-rise of 100 million Swiss francs are estimated to be, as Andreas Roth, product Manager for the CSA RES, said. This includes investments in the amount of 60 million Swiss francs for the total renovation of an existing Gäudekomplexes, in the office and the vocational school of health Basel-country are housed.

Giorgio Lüthy, President of the municipality of Münchenstein, described the planned high-rise building as a “milestone for the community,” and as a “new landmark for the Canton of Basel-land”. The 150 new apartments, with two and a half to four and a half rooms correspond to the growth targets set by the municipality itself. By 2030, it wants to increase its number of inhabitants, around 2000 to 14’000 people.

The high-rise project according to the designs of architect Harry Gugger is notable for its elegantly designed in the height of the oscillation at the end of the Form. Of a triangular plan on the basis of the structure mutates with increasing height of the rectangle.

How Gugger at the media orientation is not explained, the Form of a creative whim of the architect, but is governed by economic and engineering fundamentals: The triangular floor plan resulting from the optimum utilization of the subsoil; the rectangular shape in the height to facilitate the establishment of apartments.

On 3. May will now start from the Canton of prescribed month-long district planning process with the call for public participation of the population. On September 2019, the municipal Assembly is attached to the district plan, which must then be returned to the government of the Canton of approved. The investors are anticipating a start of construction in the years to 2021/2022 and a completion of construction in 2024.

This schedule applies, however, only without a Referendum in the municipality. Parish President Lüthy, however, appeared optimistic that the project will not encounter a lot of resistance in the population: “When we presented the project in 2017 for the first time, joined it to a lot of well want”.


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