The mild Winter has also the budgets of households with gas heaters is protected. According to the calculations of the energy group Eon, consumers can save up to 100 euros. The savings will vary by region.

  • In North Germany, was able to save a family that heats with natural gas, therefore an average of around 100 euros.
  • In southern Germany, the savings were due to the lower temperatures with 80 Euro a little lower.

About every second apartment in Germany, is heated with Gas. Eon is a major supplier of gas, with about one Million customers in Germany.

catering “screw profit high,” instead of cheap prices

After evaluation of consumer activists, the Heating costs could decrease more if the utilities would give their lower purchase prices to clients. “Since the fall of 2018, the procurement prices for Gas”, – said the energy expert at the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, Udo Sieverding. In the case of the households that did not come. GAS price COMPARISON (display)

Simple cost savings

Here it goes to the cheapest gas supplier

A sample of the consumer in the case of 20 Gas-basic utilities I like in NRW, that seven would have increased prices in the past half year, said Sieverding. These increases would be no increases in the network charges to a similar extent. The utilities would screw”, quite obviously, their profits high”. It was “high time for users of natural gas, consider switching”. (Ad) Check now, without obligation, your gas price! You can secure the best price.

“, Only the alternative gas suppliers have serious reductions

responding” Also the comparison and placement portal Check24 looks at the Gas – basic Verso only a reluctant willingness to price. “On the low wholesale prices have so far reacted only to alternative gas suppliers seriously and their prices reduced,” says Lasse Schmid, managing Director of energy at Check24. Your rates were “currently on average a third cheaper than the local utility.”

According to observations of Check24 price increases and price reductions for the primary care providers currently in the balance. Since January, 50 suppliers have increased their prices by an average of 5.5 percent, 47 providers would have their rates an average of 4.7 percent. Further price reductions were possible, “because the suppliers respond in a delayed rule to lower wholesale prices,” said Schmid. According to the Federal network Agency, around a quarter of the households in Germany have an agreement in the Gas base supply. In these contracts the highest prices to fall.

the second-warmest Winter since records began, makes for low Heating bills

From the beginning of the heating season in October until the end of February, it was in Germany, Eon, according to a total of 1.9 degrees warmer than the average of the past ten years. Especially warm it was in February, because the temperature is just located four degrees above the average. The Winter of 2019/2020 was the warmest according to the data of the German weather service, the second since records began in 1881. Power to tax? Save money now with a FOCUS on Online (screen), Now electricity prices compare To level 5, the heating will warm up more quickly? These are the largest Heizmythen PCP At level 5, the heating will warm up more quickly? These are the largest Heizmythen