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More than 100,000 outpatient appointments and 5000 operations are postponed or cancelled by the country’s largest hospital as a result of koronapandemien.

The figures show that NRK has collected (see a separate table further down in the case).

health minister Bent Tall (H) calls the situation worrying. He believes hospitals over easter need to start taking in patients again.

– Now we know that we have more control on the smittespredningen. My message to the health care system is, therefore, that they must now increase the normal activity of its, ” says High.

He confirms that the waitlists at Norwegian hospitals become longer as a result of the pandemic.

– It is worrying, but a result of that they have prepared themselves in a situation that could have come, ” he says.

Health – and care services ms. Bent High, says hospitals need to increase the regular activity of its after easter.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / Ole Berg-Rusten Three sykehustimer deferred

One of those who have been sykehustimer deferred as a result of koronaviruset is Even Tonatiuh (1). He has a rare syndrome and need aids to move as he will.

the Feet cannot withstand as much load, but sykehustimen to get the shoes he must have, is deferred.

together he has been exposed three important legetimer in march as a result of koronaviruset.

the Nursery, where he is ekstrahjelp of languages, is closed.

– We are afraid that he is now going to end up very far behind the other in the same årskull, ” says father Martin Beach.

Father Martin Strand is concerned for his son’s development when legetimene is exposed and the nursery closed.

Photo: Marit Gjellan / NRK Cancer and rusbehandling shielded

At the St. Olavs hospital as Even sogner to have every third consultation has been postponed or cancelled. The same applies to 70 per cent of the operations.

Many patients have not received the hour they should have. We do an individual assessment of each individual patient whether it is justifiable to delay the hour, ” says Grethe Aasved, chief executive officer at St. Olavs hospital.

At the South coast hospital is the activity decreased by 40 per cent. Managing director Nina Mevold confirms that koronaepidemien has influenced other hospital treatment substantially over the last few weeks.

” the Situation is demanding. We must prioritise it as urgent the most and who is most serious for patients, ” says Mevold.

Director of the South hospital Nina Mevold have demanding days. The last few weeks is 10 800 pasientkonsultasjoner postponed or cancelled in order to prepare the hospital on several koronapasienter.

Photo: Jon Anders Mill / NRK Meet understanding from the patients

in Just the last three weeks have 10.800 outpatient hours been postponed or cancelled at hospitals in Kristiansand, Arendal and Flekkefjord.

For operations is the number of 560 by the three departments.

It is only the treatment of cancer, births, and outpatient rusbehandling that have been shielded.

By Haukeland universitetssjukehus has 29.000 outpatient consultations and more than 1000 operations have been put on hold.

Chief executive officer Eivind Hansen says they have met with great understanding by the patients that this has been the right thing to do.

– It was necessary to reduce the planned activity in order to prepare us to receive covid-19-patients and at the same time treat those who need the hospital the most, ” he says.

Delayed and cancelled outpatient appointments and operations




Oslo university hospital (OUS)



Akershus university hospital (akershus university Hospital)

17 400


Haukeland universitetssjukehus

29 000


St. Olavs university hospital

12 000


Stavanger university (SUS)

11 500


Sørlandet hospital (SSK)

10 800


the University hospital of North Norway (UNN)




97 200


* OUS only have the numbers for week 12.

* OUS only have the numbers for week 12

This is an updated version of an article that was published for the first time Friday 3. april.

Need to catch up on the backlog

state secretary Anne Grethe Erlandsen in Health and care services says that hospitals have been forced to unseen pasientavtaler for “to clear space”.

– It is not so that someone will get help and others do not, but some have to wait a little longer than others to treatment. Hospitals must now give priority to those who are alvorligst sick, ” says Erlandsen.

She confirms that the situation involves a lag which must be taken again.

– We don’t know when we’ll come back to a normal situation. When we are there must the entire health care system to work to catch up on the backlog, ” she says.

Erlandsen stated that the government will come up with proposals for increased funding to the public health in connection with the Revised national budget for 2020.

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It is not only pasientkonsultasjoner and operations is reduced. Fewer patients contacts also instant help.

At the Sørlandet hospital, there is a decrease of 30 percent in the last two weeks.

This is worrying the hospital management. They fear that people allow be to take the contact because they are afraid of infection or to overburden the hospital.

– We have the capacity and good smittevernrutiner. People do not need to be worried about this. There is less infection within the hospital than there is among the population. We have good procedures, ensure medical director Susanne Hernes.

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Patients in the country are going to have to wait in operations as a result of koronakrisen. At the same time, there are fewer that ask for immediate help, and some are afraid to go to the hospital.

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