For the second day in a row decreases the number of serious coronasyge, who is hospitalized in the intensive care unit in France.

France has registered nearly one thousand coronadødsfald in the past day. It shows figures from the country’s health authorities Friday evening.

In the past 24 hours, the French national institute of health received reports from the nation’s hospitals on a total of 987 people, who were infected with the coronavirus.

The total death toll among people with coronavirus is now up on 13.197, a significant increase compared to the 12.210, France reported on Thursday.

Of them is 554 died on the French hospitals, while the 433 is dead in nursing homes, shows the inventory on Friday.

Among the dead is also a child of 10 years, informs Jerome Solomon, who is head of the French national institute of health. He adds that the coronavirus was not the only cause of death in this case.

A bright spot in the daily report from France is that the number of patients on the country’s intensive care units have dropped for the second day in a row.

There is now 7004 seriously ill patients in intensive care, but it is 62 fewer than the day before.