The Five, a magic number on the Ligurian coast. Since the Cinque Terre, the five picturesque villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Houses in rainbow colors cling to steep cliffs. They offer an exciting, rugged coast, art and culture, a wild natural Park in the back and the Finest culinary art.

Cinque Terre discover

Five in number, the means of transport, with which you can travel to this part of the Ligurian coast: car, train, boat, Bicycle or on foot are. All of the recommended. The old Via Aurelia leads motorists through the Liguria, the “tempi passati”. The trains rattle along the water, through a labyrinth of Tunnels. From the boat it is the most beautiful. Because of the colorful places are difficult to reach with the car.

My tip: Book a Boat and Breakfast. Then you have the coastal towns from the chocolate side. Also the Cycling is Fun. So allowed some of the disused rail line traveling from place to place. For example, from Bonassola to Levanto. Both attractive vacation villages. And the starting point for the Canvass of the famous villages.

Hiking in Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is a hiker’s Paradise. Whether on the water (partly against fee) or on a slope. Ancient paths lead through vineyards and olive groves. My favourite way: From Corniglia via Volastra to Manarola. Incredible Panoramic View.

Even value: to the West of the Cinque Terre, the jet-set resort of Portofino to see. To the South of Porto Venere and Shopping tip to La Spezia are located. Pretty the end of the Tour: Tellaro.

– Paradise on the Italian Riviera,

in the 70s the Eastern coastal strip of the Italian Riviera was considered as a secret tip. Today, the five villages in the Cinque Terre national Park, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso due to its exceptional location, between rocks or on cliffs, the nested and multi-colored houses and winding streets of the world are known. Since about 20 years, the national Park is a Unesco world heritage site and since 1999, the marine reserve of the Cinque Terre part of the biggest whale conservation area in Europe. If the tourist flow to subside to the end of the summer season, is the original character in the villages again, palpable and tangible.

10 travel tips for Cinque Terre, eat in Cappun Magru in Liguria: chef Maurizio Bordoni in the Restaurant Cappun Magru in Groppo whether Manarola is one of the best chefs in Italy. the ham of The ham from Castelnuovo Magra is regarded as a delicacy; served in the Trattorias of the area. the Museum of memory In Riomaggiore to the visitors about the customs and traditions of the Region. the Fresh fish the Restaurant at The hotel Marina Piccola in Manarola is known for its fish cuisine. the market Every Thursday in the centre of Monterosso, with culinary treats and much, much more. t Mesciua The soup is made from a blend of wheat, and various legumes was already in Roman times as “poor people food” known. the Velo-Paradise explore by Bicycle the five villages and the Hinterland. Rental cycles starting from an hour. the Basil Pesto No visit without a court with the gastronomic Symbol of Liguria, the Basil and the prepared Pesto. the Gambero Rosso The Restaurant in Vernazza is considered to be one of the best Restaurants in the Region. the wine The Museum of Sciacchetrà in Manarola shows interesting facts about the production of the for the Region typical white wine Sciacchetrà.

The Cinque Terre is considered to be one of the most picturesque regions of Italy. However, the coastal strip is similar to some hidden object. What are the reasons for and against a trip there to speak.

Good to know

by train via Milan – Genoa to Monterosso. For motorists on the A26 is recommended.

Through the Cinque Terre a wide variety of Hiking trails.

white wine Cinque Terre DOC Sciacchetrà dessert wine, Pesto and anchovies.