in March, opened in Kreuzlingen, TG the new asylum centre. Now it creates a Stink! Ten refugees are already on the run and in hiding. Where? Unclear. The centre is located just a few Hundred metres from the German border.

ensure there is criticism for the powerful: The Germans are afraid of. They fear that refugees are children, could easily come to Konstanz (D). So Frank Hämmerle (66). For the Konstanz district, the asylum centre represents a “clear safety risk”. That’s why he calls intensive border controls.

the 66-Year-old is not alone, even gets backing from German politicians. The interior Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Thomas Strobl (59), wrote a letter to the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (69), such as the “Südkurier”. The prompt: more Federal police to the German border.

Even the Federal police warns yourself in a info letter prior to an increase in illegal Entries. Therein it means: “Against this Background, in the border area, diving expected, significantly more failed asylum seekers than in the past”, – quotes the German newspaper “Bild” from the Letter.

change in the Swiss asylum System

The small center for Asylum seekers is a political issue – but only in Germany. Because the state Secretariat for Migration (SEM) does not understand the excitement of the neighbors at all. Especially since the centre is not new. For 30 years, in Kreuzlingen accommodation. “Specific or even cross-border problems during this period are not known,” says SEM-spokesman Lukas Rieder to VIEW.

In the old centre Aslygesuche were tested also and they decided. However, this laboratory was moved to the Eastern part of Switzerland now to Altstätten SG. Means: In Kreuzlingen, now housed only the asylum seekers, whose applications have been rejected. Offenders refugees are not among them.

it used to be 300, be housed in the new center of 310 asylum-seekers.

An asylum centre is not a prison

Is there a real risk that refugees run across the border to Germany?

Since March have disappeared from about 90 asylum-seekers in Kreuzlingen ten people. Submerged! This does not mean automatically that they had fled across the border, emphasizing Rieder. “Finally, there are also asylum seekers who migrate from Germany to Switzerland.”

Noteworthy: The ten submerged refugees are in comparison to the asylum centre in Embrach ZH even a little. Here, approximately 60 percent disappeared between March and June, in the year 2018. Basically, the “rate of the uncontrolled departure of persons is around 30 per cent,” explains the SEM-speaker.

in Addition, an asylum centre was not a prison. Of course, security officers were used in a commercial, but the refugees to deportation, imprison, would not be allowed. The Federal Council and Parliament rejected such measures several times. In addition, the Dublin-procedure. Means: no Matter where the asylum seekers under diving, Switzerland is and will remain responsible for you.

“Irregular migration in Europe

to stop” The explosive nature of an asylum centre close to the border, but both countries are aware of this. That is why in 2016, the “action was agreed upon plan of Germany – Switzerland”. With the aim of: “The irregular stop of migration in Europe.”

the Swiss frontier corps (GWK) and the German Federal police is watching closely, closely monitored the border. This is also confirmed by the GWK on request. But says: “In the last months, there were no Apprehensions of asylum seekers.”

Where in escapes the submerged Asylbwerber, is unclear.