At least ten people, including two children, were killed during the terrorist attack in the border town of tel Abyad in Syria.

A car bomb, 7 July 2020, exploded in the security zone, which was established by Turkey. The attack occurred near the headquarters of the “Dzhebhat al-Shamiya”. It is reported TASS with reference to the radio station Sham FM.

While the number of wounded in the explosion is unknown. Victims are delivered in hospitals.

Grouping “Dzhebhat al-Shamiya” accused “Falak al-Majd” committing a terrorist act.It is noted that between the groups were clashes with rocket-propelled grenades.

Earlier, on 16 February 2020, in the town of tel Abyad there was another terrorist attack. Then six people were killed. The explosion occurred at the municipal building, headquarters of the Syrian opposition.

According to the radio station Sham FM, factions constantly at war, with civilians suffer.

Until October 2019, the city of tel Abyad was occupied by the Kurds, then during the operation, “the Source of peace” the city has taken a Pro-Turkish groups.

Wrote previously, the Kurds said that the leaders of ISIS (banned in Russia) hiding in Turkey-controlled part of Syria.