1. Where is the winner-Muni?

On Tuesday evening. Muni Kolin an appearance in Lyss at the official reception of king Stucki Then he goes back to the breeder. Finally, king chrigu see has already announced immediately after the conclusion of the response: “I’d vertschalpen just my lawn.”

2. Final round losers in Joel he is the king of hearts. How can he comfort yourself with the else?

With beef Greth, the live price for the second-placed – or-the-money value of brown Swiss: 24’000 Swiss francs. But at the reception on Tuesday evening in sörenberg, caution is advised. Finally, Greth is the cattle, the ausbüxte on Saturday in the Arena in the meantime.

3. And sporty?

Also, since there is consolation: Wicki overtakes of the year points standings, the tuning Bible “final gear” competitor Armon Orlik. After he failed in the last two years, nearly, he is allowed to call themselves so, with a one-point lead a top the transducer of the season.

4. Rim missed: to Listen to king Matthias Glarner now?

Maybe. He felt “empty and physically, how it feels to be with soon 34 after a two-day swing,” said Glarus to VIEW. “How it goes, I don’t know yet. Now we go for three weeks with the Camper in the Wilderness in the vacation. Then I can hopefully tell more.”

5. Samuel Giger is soon the social media activity?

It looks so. The ESAF-Fourth remains a bit vague. “Now then,” he says on Sunday. But it looks as if the so far very withdrawn model athlete more would open. From the gifts to the temple, he hold by the way with the largest donation: the hot tub. Well, then, that the northeast, the Swiss have sent on Monday for the gifts of your transducer a semi-trailer.

6. Who had to take in the temple, Gave, actually, the shower toilet?

“It took a bit, until it is away,” says the gifts-in-chief Kurt Häfliger. The Schwyzer wreath transducer Bruno Schürpf (24), rank 25b has a beat then. On Tuesday, just one last gift in train: a Vespa is. Häfliger: “A misunderstanding between us and the transducer. Soon to be picked up.”

7. Speaking of bike: the one Who has brought the Harley?

Sven Schurtenberger. In order to go home, he couldn’t drive yet. He must first make the bike test.

8. How are the injured?

“It has geklöpft, because I what to thing knew,” says Nick Alpiger on Sunday evening. After his surprise victory over Giger in the Appearance of him, tears in 2. Gear against Patrick Schenk, the hip flexor tendon that he injured himself on the white stone already. On Tuesday he was in surgery. An error had not been Alpigers Start, says Stefan Strebel, Technical Director of North-Western Switzerland. “Who in 1. Gang beats Giger, has done everything right.” Alpiger next season should be able to get fit again. The same is true for Michael Bless (mid-foot fracture) and Remo Käser (Edema in the neck after cervical disc injury).

9. There are first Figures from the ESAF?

there Is. 400’000 visitors in the three days of the festival grounds, more than expected, so OK-in-chief Heinz Tännler. Exceeded the target of 80 percent of the guests arrive by public TRANSPORT. “I would have never thought possible,” said Tännler. Of the 5000 Parking spaces, only half had been used.

10. All the talk from the ESAF-gigantism. It’s 2022 in Pratteln, really small?

Yes! “Due to the space that is not otherwise possible,” says Thomas Weber, Basel’s state councillor and OK-in-chief for the Federal in Pratteln, the “SRF”. More than 50’000 spectators do not fit in the Arena. In train warens 56’500. “We don’t want to beat train, we want to make our own,” says Vice-chief Rolf Clearer.