BMW 1-series: pot-bellied pig

In the 1950s, popularly called the BMW 501/502 mocking the “Baroque angel” – and promptly the new, but already very “old” type, provided with that BMW almost went bankrupt. It has been decades without the nasty nickname followed. To Chris, head of design, Bangle was. In part, he made the brand fit for the future (e.g. operating system, “iDrive”). But the 1 series of 2004 (the picture) was called the line because of the “potbelly pig”. So what? The 1 series was still a Hit and will now roll in the third edition.

British Leyland: British misery

It is not only the model pointed to his name: The idea of competing brands for the giants – and later the state of the group to summarize, ushered in 1968, and the demise of brands such as Alvis, Austin, Morris, Riley, Rover, Triumph or Wolseley and the gloomiest Phase of British automotive engineering. The Name of the new group in the name of the crown: British Leyland. Low points such as the ugly and high screwed up 1973 Austin Allegro (image) made it soon, the “British misery”.

glass 2600/BMW 3000: Glaserati

Actually, Hans Glas of Dingolfing near Munich (D) could be satisfied: the Goggomobil is a Hit, the limousine advanced. But then he wanted to Be a glass 2600 1965 catapulted him to the top in the Bust. No one buys a V8 luxury coupe, which is the Similarity to the Maserati, because as a “Glaserati” ridiculed. BMW to handle, and supplied a couple of coupes with the BMW Logo as a 3000 (image) – and in 1968, wars over with the brand of glass.

Hanomag 2/10 PS: Commission of bread

“One Kilo of metal, a Kilo of paint and finished the Hanomag is!”, the people’s mouth sealed to the Hanomag 2/10 PS from 1925 to 1928: The of 2.78 meters short and 1.18 meters narrow cart offered Minimal mobility. The customer handles better for a little more money to “correct” cars such as the Citroën-plagiarism Opel 4 PS (“tree frog”). Also, because the Hanomag-Form remembered to the taste-free, military – and emergency-bread of the First world war – the “Commission of bread”.

Lloyd 300: band-aid bomber

“Who the death is not afraid, drives a Lloyd” it was said in the 1950s: The smallest mobile Lloyd 300 owned from 1950 to 1952, a covered with faux leather and body made of plywood, which, together with the plärrenden two-stroke Engine with 10 HP is not just a feeling of security left behind. In addition, the rough-looking Coating of something, such as the medical plaster adhesive tape, the brand band-aid and prompt you called Lloyd, then “Leukoplastbomer”.

Mercedes LP 315: advent calendar

Later, as the other truck manufacturers went to Mercedes to take the step from a classic Truck with a long bonnet, the so-called front-wheel drive, where the driver in front of instead of behind the engine sat. Only intensified the length and weight regulations, introduced in 1955, the LP 315. The drivers responded with malice – because already for oil refilling is not needed to open a flap instead of just the hood of one of the maintenance. Promptly they called him the “advent calendar”.

Mercedes 200 D: wall of dune

With the first Diesel passenger car Mercedes wrote in 1936, history – and brockte with the indestructible, but a lethargic diesel engines the name “wandering dune”, as their lack of Power out of time was in accordance with: In the 200 D of the “stroke Eight”series from 1968 (picture) passed in the hopeless struggle of 55 HP against 1.4 tons with automatic long and 34 seconds up to a speed of 100. With the turbo diesel Mercedes made in 1978, but in the end with lame.

Smart ForTwo: elephant roller-skate

Hardly a car has to listen to a lot of nasties such as of Swatch founder Nicolas Hayek invented, and then by Daimler as a Smart-built ForTwo. When he started in 1998 (still known as the Smart City-Coupé) won the 2.50 m short city car a lot of praise, but also a lot of criticism and much ridicule: Whether it is “asphalt bubble”, “wheelchair”, “hueschte cookies” or like the Isetta “ball lightning” – but it’s not a nickname so wonderful in common, such as the “elephant’s roller skate”.

VW 1600 TL: Sad solution

Actually, the 1965 launched the 1600 TL the nobler brother of the since 1961, offered 1500s-types, levels and combination tail should be. But, in the vernacular, to be indicated with the abbreviation TL from the official “touring Limousine” in “Sad solution”. VW noticed the hatchback design errors and maintained, although the type and the shortcuts, but delivered in the following year, also in sedan and Variant (station wagon) as the 1600s, with a larger engine and more equipment.

VW 411/412: coati

in The 1600s (see above) had VW missed the signs of the times and not four-door model is offered, which is why the people’s mouth mocked the 411 of 1968 as a “4 doors, 11 years too late”. Add to that the clumsy Design: The “coati” was born. Together with the Adherence to the obsolete engine at the rear that ended in a Flop, As the 412 411-lifted then went in 1974, in retirement, would VW have been possible without the Passat umgemodelten Audi 80 already broke.