In the capital, the provision of drugs for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. The stock of medicines is 53 drugs. This was stated by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova.

the Reserve has been created at the Centre of provision of medicines of the Department of health. Drug treatment of patients with coronavirus infection is carried out in the framework of the provisional methodological recommendations of the Ministry of health of Russia.

Free medicines in the capital are not restricted to patients with COVID-19, but with symptoms of SARS, including those that can be cured at home. This is because symptoms of acute respiratory disease similar to the early stage of the manifestations of coronavirus infection.

health Workers who assist patients with COVID-19, provide free preventive antiviral therapy. Now more than six thousand doctors regularly to get drugs.

in addition, healthcare organizations regularly receive personal protective equipment — about four million units weekly. They are available from stock in the territory of the special economic zone “Technopolis “Moscow””.

Employees of hospitals, clinics, CT scan centers, and other medical organizations are provided with masks, gloves, protective suits, goggles, respirators, Shoe covers, disinfectant and so on. For this we have created a minimum stock of personal protective equipment in the calculation of two to four weeks. The reserve is replenished around the clock.