The Corona-crisis is a threat to our health, our economy, our society
Cohesion. The longer you take, the more dangerous it is for Germany.

We need a national effort – against the crisis and for the time thereafter. IMAGE announced ten measures that we must tackle NOW.

1. Chancellor Merkel must every day to the people

Like never before to speak in Angela Merkel’s term of office, it comes down to political leadership.

Historical figures such as Winston Churchill swore the people to the worst privations, wrote with Talk story. Merkel needs to speak every day to the Nation. You must clearly say, as we the epidemic are to defeat.

2. Masks for the masses to produce

Germany is in need of hundreds of millions of respiratory protection masks. Every citizen should be able to wear and in some places have to.

a virologist Alexander Kekulé to the IMAGE: “Anyone who hits the outside of the apartment to other people, and the minimum distance to comply with, should wear a mask. This is particularly true in closed rooms, without air currents, the Virus transfers easier.“

Kekulé explains: “The bill is simple: Statistically, an Infected person is contagious up to three other people with Corona. With a simple mouth, nose protection, everyone can contribute to the infection rate drops to less than a Person. If we achieve this rate, the epidemic!“

Alexander Kekulé, Director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg photo: ARD

3. With technology against Corona

In many countries, mobile phone-Apps to help in the fight against the Virus.

people can read, if you were in the vicinity of an infected Person. Voluntary and anonymous, this must be possible in Germany. The reference to data protection must not end debate automatically!

4. Health-Made in Germany

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder calls for in the IMAGE of a “national emergency economic planning”. Söder: “capacities must be used to produce health of the material”.

Means that Our company is to manufacture respiratory devices, and protective equipment.