In a clean up apartment clean, you will feel a little more comfortable. In the spring many of the natural do it right and have your own four walls in the best light to Shine – everything should look nice and fresh. The spring cleaning this year, particularly effective to be the following 10 tips useful:

1. First work, then pleasure

This proverb can be applied in two ways to the great cleaning action: on The one hand you may reward yourself after the work is done, be it with a delicious meal or a movie night. This motivates the rather unloved plaster work, the greatest reward is, ultimately, the clean apartment.

on The other hand you should start with the cleaning of the rooms, which are the most difficult. These are usually kitchen or bathroom. You have managed the worst part of the job, the rest of the room easier.

2. Clean cleaning cloths

Who doesn’t want to brush with a new, but old rags or towels, you should wash them before with a dash of vinegar, if possible at 60 degrees. After Drying, the cloths can be heated for 2-3 minutes in the microwave, to destroy the last germs. So you are safe to clean floors, Windows, tables and co. really hygienic.

3. Gloves use

To the skin to protect against cleaning agents, should be worn when Cleaning always wear gloves, even in the case of less aggressive products, this is recommended. Thus, the nails remain strong, and the hands spring delicate, while dirt and germs are eliminated.

4. Perfect weather for Cleaning

another reason why to brush, especially in the spring, so thoroughly that Not every weather is suitable for the cleaning of the window. Allows for strong sun and streaks on the disk arise, while hazy lighting conditions can provide, the dirty Spots are overlooked. A pleasant spring day is brush perfect for window.

If the floors are cleaned, and the agent some time to act or parquet floors is provided with special care, it is also practical that you can the apartment properly ventilated. In case of rain, Wind or cold the Air is not very pleasant.

5. Course (New) create

Just when spring cleaning many of the urge for change in your own apartment. Often furniture will be moved and new pictures hung. What’s not to like, and still in good condition, can be passed on or donated, and creates new room. The acts directly home airy and at the same time, created space for new things, if you feel like it.

6. Tile grout clean

With a cloth, or a coarse brush to get the small gaps between the tiles is hardly clean. Even with a rough sponge it is often a tedious work to clean the spaces between the tiles. The wonder weapon is in this case an ordinary toothbrush, the mixture with a little detergent or a baking soda-lemon-fast-for perfect clean joint.

7. Vacuum cleaner as a air freshener

A so-called vacuum cleaner-deodorant will absorb superfluous if you use the content of a possible intensive fragrant tea bag. So a pleasant Aroma in the apartment is distributed in the Suck, without the use of chemicals.

8. Imported red wine stains

dried you can remove fresh red wine stains with salt, to know many. However, in the case of already dried-in stains, for example, in a carpet, brings nothing more. Instead, a cloth with vinegar, you abtupft the affected area helps. Then the whole 15 minutes and dried the spot with a piece of kitchen roll before spraying then one to two Times a bit of water and all of it with a kitchen towel dry DAB. So, a Fading of the fabric fibres should be prevented by the vinegar.

9. Dust everywhere, wipe

On all surfaces in the apartment, dust deposits, in the course of time this passes under the furniture. In particular, for Allergy sufferers this can be very uncomfortable and Sneezing or breathing lead. Who wants to get his apartment thoroughly clean, should remove the dust. First of all, with a slightly damp micro fiber cloth on and in cabinets, tables, lamps, and radiators, then the floor should be vacuumed and, if possible, behind or under the furniture.

10. Washing machine to clean

Who wants to have his washing machine as limescale – and bacteria-free, you can set the machine on the hottest wash cycle and fills with a mixture of special citric acid powder with the specified amount of water in the washing drum. After the program the machine is again ready for use and clean.

But should be also cleaned up the outer parts, as well as the detergent compartment and the seal with a damp cloth, so that the machine stays hygienic.

The 7 common mistakes when Brushing

In the spring, it is that time again, the apartment will be deep cleaned. On these things you should pay attention to during spring cleaning.

These errors make the Clean the Windows

In the case of dirty Windows also clean most curtains are useless. The curtains are the rod down, offers the possibility to clean the discs again really. Especially, in the spring of unsightly stains on the Windows are suddenly visible when the sun shines through. But the Brush brings out some of the Fall with. What is to be avoided.

5 recipes for homemade Reinigungsmittel1. Lemon cleaner for the dishwasher

3 organic lemons, remove the seeds, cut into pieces

400 ml water

100 ml of vinegar (e.g., unfiltered Apple cider vinegar)

180 g salt

1 tablespoon baking soda

Everything in a high pan (foams), heat, stirring, for 15-20 minutes simmer in blender until creamy consistency.

application: Approx. 1 TBSP in a chamber of the dishwasher and the machine can run

video instructions on Youtube-Channel “Ohlala and Solala”

2. All-purpose orange cleaner for Cleaning surfaces (kitchen, mirror, window)

organic oranges (amount)

natural clear Apple cider vinegar (5 % acidity)

peel the oranges and orange peels in a Jar, jar with Apple cider vinegar fill and make sure that all the orange peels with vinegar covered (otherwise you) to oxidize for two to three weeks of rest, screening

directions for use: spray On dirty surface, with a cloth

video instructions on Youtube-Channel “Ohlala and Solala”

3. Drain cleaner

3 TABLESPOONS baking soda

1 glass of vinegar

application: soda-sprinkle in drain, vinegar get you some, mouth and nose cover, with hot water

video instructions on Youtube-Channel “Joanna’s Essentials”

4 rinse. Cutting Board cleaner



application: for food grade salt on a cutting Board, sprinkle, lemon cut in half and with one half on the Board, RUB, wash off with water

: “Clean up, of course!” by Fern Green (nonfiction)

5. Carpet cleaner

200 g bicarbonate of soda

about 20 drops of lemon oil

ingredients mix together

application: On the carpet, sprinkle it on, leave it on overnight, vacuum

video instructions on Youtube-Channel “Joanna’s Essentials”