The Blockchain is technically a novelty. A decentralized database, the User chains are actually together. The new technology could not only revolutionize the financial industry, are convinced the leading Blockchain-heads of the Switzerland. A selection of the most important persons in the Swiss Blockchain-scene on the front:

Mathias Ruch, the founder of CV, VC,

He is the brains behind many initiatives in the Crypto Valley: entrepreneurs Mathias Ruch has recognized the potential of the Region to train early, and since then, various projects are launched in order to promote the Ecosystem. In addition to a Coworking office, he is responsible for today, the first Blockchain-incubator of Switzerland and the Council of experts of the Swiss Blockchain Federation.

Mona El Isa, founder of Melonport

she comes from the world of Finance and worked for many years at Goldman Sachs in London. Now Mona El Isa wants with your company Melonport the traditional banking world up. Thanks to the Blockchain-platform digital Investments can be initiated at the Fund and management. With this idea, El Isa was one of the most important voices in the Crypto Valley.

Guido Bühler, founder of Seba Crypto

In the Swiss Blockchain-scene, no other Start-up, is currently causing a similar amount of attention as Seba Crypto. The company has recorded more than 100 million francs capital, to get first Blockchain-companies in Switzerland, an official banking license. CEO Guido Bühler knows this profession well – in the past, he was a Top Manager at UBS.

Niklas Nikolajsen, founder of Bitcoin Suisse

The Dane has bought his first Bitcoins, as a digital coins were almost worthless. Thanks to the rising rates Nikolajsen to a multi-millionaire and his company was the largest employer in the Crypto Valley. Bitcoin Suisse with crypto-currencies for customers around the world.

Luka Müller, Partner at MME

In the case of MME the main crypto-lawyers, Switzerland. If Blockchain-companies want to open up a branch office in Zug, then many report of them first of all, with Luka Müller and his Team. With Blockchain-deliberations, the attorney’s office has made itself a name worldwide – in the meantime, MME represents some of the most well-known companies in the industry.

María Gomez, an engineer at Aragon

The Colombian-born has an important function in the Blockchain-Start-up Aragon. The company is based in Zug, wants to develop the necessary Tools to automate the management of companies and organizations. She is also new to the Board of Directors of the Crypto Valley Association, which is committed to the promotion of the Swiss Blockchain-scene.

Daniel Gasteiger, founder of Procivis and Trust Square

He had a Top Job at UBS, Daniel guest discovered the Eiger, the Blockchain technology and announced. The Swiss founded since then, in addition to several companies, a Coworking office on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich and a frequent speaker on Blockchain-conferences.

André cloud, founder of Validity Labs

Who has an idea for a Blockchain application, but not the necessary skills to implement them, the logs in André cloud and his people. The Swiss Start-up Validity Labs, explains the company, what it has with the new technology, and also helps them directly in the implementation of their visions.

Lucas Betschart, founder of Bitcoin Association Switzerland

The computer scientist is one of the Swiss Bitcoin pioneers. To interest the Public, and the policy of currencies slow for Crypto began, he explains how digital money works. Today, he is at various Blockchain-projects and is a guest lecturer at Swiss universities.

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano

The American was on top of Ethereum, after that, he founded Cardano. These two projects are two of the main Blockchain platforms ever, both have their headquarters in the Crypto Valley. Recently, Hoskinson, also lives there and is part of the Swiss Blockchain Federation.