Airboarding on the ski jump in Einsiedeln

This tour is for people with adrenaline deficit! On the ski jump in Einsiedeln, where, in Winter, the ski jumpers sail through the air, you slide the possibility of a high-tech, with up to 90 km/h to hurtle into the depths. Great fun, but needs to be nervous.

Climbing and rope Park

provides Switzerland so many great opportunities for climbing out of flights, or cable parks, when you want to with the whole family. The Adventure Park in Adelboden, for example, or the rope Park Engelberg. In Einsiedeln you can operate even house running as well, so a wall in a House backed up to run down – only for heights!

Rafting or Canyoning

water sports enthusiasts. When the sun shines hot and Horny again from heaven, then you do not need to lie around tired by the Pool, you can operate yet sporty. If you do it in the water, the cool refreshment is never far. In Switzerland, there are numerous possibilities for River Rafting and Canyoning as well as other great Wind – and water-based activities.

the early pieces on the Aegerisee

you want to take it more cozy? A rich Breakfast on the well-deserved Sunday sells all the hassle and Worry. In particular, if you have a fantastic view of the idyllic countryside and mountain scenery on offer in the Aegerisee to.

5-lake hike

you Know the lakes in the five mountain? No, then it’s high time for a day. The beautiful hike starts at 2227 meters above sea level at the Pizolhütte and lasts depending on how fast you hike for four to five hours. With a pre-packaged picnic backpack and all the gondola rides are already paid for, you have to deal only with the beautiful view.

Culinary E-Bike Tour lake Walen

With the Bicycle in Switzerland is something great to discover already. In these hot temperatures you do not like to work hard but too much and you quickly get thirsty. A culinary E-Bike Tour combines both perfectly. You can cycle from Restaurant to Restaurant, along the Walensee Shore, and enjoy the stage the way a delicious 3-course-menu. Is rounded off the excursion with a boat trip as the last stage.

river tubing on the river Aare

For the Bernese is of course nothing more special. For all other who have never been on the Aare river, drifting but. In the summer a Highlight: river tubing from Uttigen (in Thun) is Bern. You can sit out on and enjoy the view. Too hot simply jump into the cool Wet.

Night in the trees

Take a break and spend a night in the treetops. In the Swedish-equipped tree houses, you come close to nature and enjoying the idyllic peace and quiet, away from the urban noise.

Spa in Bad Zurzach

let The soul dangle and relax. Bad Zurzach is known for its beautiful thermal baths. And while you’re there, why not spend the night and a delicious Breakfast the next Morning, enjoy?

VIP flight across the Engadine mountain world

is Who is the summer hot in the city, the escape is best in the mountains. There the temperatures are a little cooler than here, and the shady spot is less crowded. Something out of the ordinary experience like a VIP helicopter flight over the beautiful Engadine mountain world. In the 360°-Panorama Restaurant Corvatsch ü 3,303.Let M then in a unique setting with a 3-course menu spoil.

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