10 days – 10 brands: what cars have risen in price in Russia

For the period March 16 to March 25 its the price tags on Russian cars officially rewrote from 10 brands present on the market for 52 brands. Someone limited to certain models, while other companies gained from all lines.

the Agency “AUTOSTAT”, which refers to the monitoring of prices by experts of the online “Price a car” says that Russia has risen in price almost all the cars of French origin. Raised the price of its range of Peugeot and Citroen. If “Chevron” brand, the price increase of not more than 7.3%, the Peugeot, it had reached 15.8% – rose so sharply, for example, the crossover 3008. As for the company Renault, most of the cars of this brand became more expensive by 0.7 to 2.3%.

Another brand that is part of the French PSA group company Opel – raised the value of both their cars in Russia 1.9 to 8.3%. And the company Nissan crossovers all rose by 1.1 and 8.7%. Corrected the situation and the sellers Uzbekistan “Ramonov”, which last month fell, and are now sold at prices increased by 1.1 to 5%.

among those companies that rewrote the price tags on certain models, the Agency calls Kia (0,9 – 2,6%), Skoda (0,9 – 5,5%), Honda (1,8 – 2,1%) and Volkswagen (1,5 – 2,6%).

Earlier it was reported that the Russian market may be on the verge of total increase in prices – experts attribute this opportunity as currency fluctuations and possible lack of cars in connection with the suspension of a number of companies. And rising prices may be the only one of the factors, provoking a further fall in the market.

Text: Avtovesti