10 countries where child labour is exploited

Experts Maplecroft index published by the Index Child Labor, in which they had indicated the countries with the worst indicators in the area of child labor.

Despite the fact that for many years the fight against child labor, in many countries it still takes place. Children are used as cheap labour, say experts from the international consulting firm Maplecroft.

the index of the Child Labor Index gives an idea of which countries the situation with child labour is the most depressing.

Below we will tell about these countries.

1. North Korea

As noted by the authors of the rating, most child labor occurs in countries that are considered centers of factory production. However, in countries such as China, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh, which have been leaders in the use of child labour 20 years ago, there has been significant improvement in this area.

2. Somalia

39.8% of children aged 5 to 14 years in Somalia, the number of which reaches 1 012 863, are labor. Only half of these children go to school.

3. South Sudan

Africa is a country, where the greatest risk of child labour. Child labour is used in agriculture, in manufacturing and in the mining industry.

4. Eritrea

Eritrea is another African country that uses child labor. In total, according to experts, in 27 countries, which are home to 12% of the world population, high risk of child labor.

5. Central African Republic

In 82 countries around the world also observed an increased risk of child labour. In many of these countries do not appear to be any improvements in the use of child labour.

6. Sudan

Sudan is not the first time ranks among the countries with high risk of child labor.

7. Venezuela

Experts note that the greatest increase in the use of child labour nnabludaetsa in Venezuela. Political and social instability exacerbate the situation in the country. In 2016, the country fell in the ranking with 80 levels and proved to be in 7th place in the ranking.

8. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is among the countries where child labour occurs. Only in such countries is home to about 1 billion people.

9. Chad

Most children who are labor force in Chad, working in agriculture. In addition, using child labor in industries related to oil production.

10. Mozambique

Mozambique is not the first time ranks among the countries with high risk of child labour. Only 57 countries of the world there improvement with the use of child labor.