Powder is an integral part of almost any cosmetics, especially in summer when heat and humidity can ruin the makeup before it is ready. And loose setting powder enriched with minerals that absorb sebum, Mat, create a smooth surface, erases pores and visually smooth out wrinkles and irregularities. Collected 10 of the most resistant of tested instances.

Compact powder Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Powder, Dior (3 136 RUB)

Even on the hottest days makeup artist and creative Director for Dior makeup Peter Philips can rely on the powder Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Powder. It provides the perfect complexion for 12 hours. Powder also nourishes the skin with nourishing essences. It can be used for correcting makeup during the day or to apply a thin layer all over the face in the morning (of course, not forgetting the sunscreen) as a standalone tool.

Following the trend for conscious consumption, the experts of the brand have released dust in a removable unit for travel. Refile reduce the negative impact on the environment. The sponge that comes in the kit is quite decent, it is easy to touch up makeup, but if you moisten it, you can achieve the effect of “liquid” tone of coverage.

Fixative powder Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder, Make Up For Ever (2 960 RUB)

This tool is truly universal. Compact powder Ultra HD solves a number of problems, refreshes, evens skin tone, making it a matte, fixes applied makeup and prolongs its durability. And even if it illuminates the skin from within by tiny particles of silica in the formula (silicon dioxide regulates the sebaceous glands).

Powder Vegan Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder, KVD (2 670 RUB)

Agree, feel that the face powdered (and it’s like a mask) is not cool. With this lightweight translucent loose powder this just will not happen. For it together we say thanks to the technology of micro-dosing (Micro-Blurring Technology). The formula is indeed the lightest, so immediately after application (to do better than big fluffy brush) will forget that I ever painted.

Powder Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder, Nars (2 700 rubles)

for Those who have skin prone to dryness and the lunch turns into a buttery pancake, it is still useful to fixing powder. The formula of Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder contains minerals, glycerin and vitamin E to moisturize and soothe the flaky skin. No parabens, synthetic fragrances and a long list of other questionable ingredients.

this powder is often used by makeup artists on set. The formula is perfectly adapted to the different light sources and creates a soft focus effect. Fine lines, wrinkles and pores look Zaburunye, so HD-shot is not terrible.

Powder Translucent Loose Setting Powder Laura Mercier (3 500 rubles)

Translucent powder Laura Mercier is the undisputed classic that for over ten years is an indispensable tool for professional makeup artists. Translucent Loose Setting Powder from Laura Mercier looks like a silk veil on the skin. And she, like an eraser, erases pores and during the day will not settle into fine wrinkles under the eyes.

Powder Veil Translucent Setting Powder, Hourglass (1 690 rubles)

This powder really lives up to its name (Veil — “the veil”). In its composition no talc is a mineral ingredient that can leave a white chalk like coating, the formula is vegan and not tested on animals.

the Vehicle thanks to light-reflecting diamond particles becomes transparent after application and photos will not turn you into a Ghost with the strange complexion (lots of stars caught).

And yet the powder does not Wake up past due to the limiter on the cover, that is, it is quite travel-friendly (in contrast to the majority of loose funds).

Compact water-resistant powder All Nighter, Urban Decay (2 790 rubles)

the Main advantage of this dust — water-resistance, it is not terrible nor rain, nor summer heat, nor humidity. Don’t be put off by the color of money — it becomes completely transparent, therefore suitable for all skin tones.

pressed Powder prevents oily Shine, but the matte surface is very delicate, while maintaining a natural glow. Brand experts call this effect “the innovative black”.

Strong matifying powder Infaillible, L’oreal Paris (679 RUB)

This tool can be found in almost any supermarket. The powder works as good as its more expensive counterparts, absorbing excess sebum for a matte coverage that lasts up to 12 hours (no wonder it is called Infaillible — “infallible”). The tool is available in seven different shades. Only better cause its a large brush, not the sponge that comes in the kit.

Loose powder Sheer Finish Loose Powder, Bobbi Brown (3 650 rubles)

This specimen was tested on the red carpet and when appearing on television. The powder is finely milled, and the shades perfect. Each color has a yellow undertone brand Bobbi Brown, and part of the vitamin E nourishes the skin, eliminating the feeling of dryness and tightness.

the effect of the matting agent makes purely symbolic, but the skin remains “alive”. For more buildable coverage, apply powder with a powder puff Powder Puff (sold separately), pressing lightly on the skin.

Loose powder The Powder, La Mer (6 270 RUB)

Hyaluronic acid, ceramide, glycerin, complex with oceanic clay, and, of course, the signature elixir Miracle Broth, created on the basis of marine algae, the composition of the powder, La Mer is more like a list of ingredients nourishing cream. Hence the price…

The Powder is crystals symmetric form a light layer fall on the skin, creating a matte (but not dull) finish.