1. Great Escapes – Italy

Bella Italia: holidays in Italy are one of the most beautiful experiences that Europe has to offer. But where to settle? The book “Great Escapes – Italy” presents evocative images of Hotels and landscapes from Venice to Sicily. To Dream!

Great Escapes, 360 pages, pockets, 55 Swiss francs

2. Offline holiday from the shot

In times, where the most popular holiday destinations among tourists from the masses of suffering, begins the search for alternative destinations. The volume “Offline vacation off the beaten path” ideas for travel off the beaten track.

Offline, 328 pages, Kunth Verlag, 39 Swiss francs

3. The most beautiful landscapes of Switzerland

Switzerland is blessed with wonderful corners. Not all of them make it into the consciousness of the Public. Therefore, the Swiss Foundation for landscape protection selects every year the most beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. In the book of the same name, the ten “winners” of the year will be presented in 2019.

landscapes in Switzerland, 184 pages, Werd & Weber, 49 Swiss francs

4. Wanderlust USA

pressure comes fresh from the press of the lavish Hardcover “Wanderlust USA” by the gestalten Verlag in its usual responsive Design has launched. Therein, the wall presents expert Cam Honan 30 of the most beautiful routes and national parks of the United States. In addition to the stunning imagery and maps, the book in hand provides useful information to geography, history, animal and plant world.

Wanderlust USA, 320 pages, figures, 55 Swiss francs

5. The most beautiful trekking routes in Europe

Trekking, so the Hiking Distance over several days or weeks, it is becoming more and more popular. Because in times of increasing workload and permanent accessibility, many yearn for independence and freedom. In the Mix of picture book and guide “The most beautiful trekking routes in Europe” will be presented 39 tours from Scandinavia to southern Europe.

trekking routes in Europe, 272 pages, Kunth Verlag, 46 Swiss francs

6. Bangkok street food

Spanish Tapas, Danish open sandwiches, or Thai papaya salad: Local delicacies are an important part of the holiday. In particular, the street food-cuisine of Thailand is one of the best in the world. The big band “Bangkok street food” presents 70 recipes that you can cook on the home stove.

Bangkok street food, 208 pages, Christian publisher, 38 Swiss francs

7. The most beautiful cottage destinations in the Winter

the New AT-Verlag has brought out the tape of “The most beautiful cottage destinations in the Winter”. Therein, the Swiss mountains will be presented to lodges that can be reached with skis or snow shoes. Most of the houses are also maintained in the Winter. Be supplemented the descriptions with information on cabins, access routes, secondary routes, and map sketches.

hut, goals Winter, 200 pages, AT Verlag, 30 Swiss francs

8. Adventure for a lifetime

The Briton Ed Stafford loves the adventure of “normal” travel is too boring for him. In the picture book “adventure for life” provides Stafford ultimate adventure, sportsmanship and courage demand: from the ultra marathon to Swimming in the Antarctic.

adventure for a whole life, 254 pages, Bruckmann, 46 Swiss francs

9. Home camp

In our urban-digital world, many of the access to nature have been lost: camp, through a forest to run, look at the starry sky. The two authors Doro and Stephanie Francis have been collected in the Dumont image band “home camp” stories of travelers, the incentives to want to be free, regain Strength, New-way-Go.

home camp, 272 pages, Dumont, 52 francs

10. Mystical places in the Alps,

The prestigious Swiss travel writer Eugen E. Hüsler has traveled for several decades through the Alps. In his book, “Mystical places in the Alps” has Hüsler put up sites to haunted ruins, mysterious caves and Wonders, told their stories and tips about travel and Hiking.

Mystical places, 256 pages, Frederking & Thaler Verlag, 42 francs

the best movies about travel

Due to the Coronavirus we need to make our trips great compromise. Many countries can no longer be visited, generally, is discouraged from flying. In order to mitigate the Wanderlust, help only the right movies.