The spring makes a short winter break: the perfect weather for a good book! One you may in glorious sunshine to the driveway to put it away. Which works are these, tell us SRF”literature club” presenter Nicola Steiner (45) with your ten best book tips:

As in the case of Sheherazade and her tales of 1001 nights, the new novel by the Swiss best-selling author all about storytelling. “The stammerer” because of fraud in prison and looks back in diary entries and letters to the prison pastor and a publisher on his life. And so he developed the Writing to an art form of its own. But be careful: Already on the second page, it is not clear that he adheres to the truth … A book about the power of inventing and the Power of language – entertaining, mischievous, humorous, sharp-witted and tongue in cheek.

The frog will become a Prince if you kiss him. At Simone Meier is a little more complicated: Here we need to take care that the Prince becomes the frog. A kiss (no, several) as a trigger for life plans crumble. Yann and Gerda, Gerda, and Alex, Yann and Valerie – love is complicated in digital times. Layer by layer exposes Simone Meier, the longings, desires, and obsessions of our society. An entertaining novel that gets under the skin.

Simone Buchholz is awarded to the champion of the German crime novel – literally, because this year you got for the second Time within only three years the German Thriller prize. The eighth case, the rough-and-tumble of Hamburg Prosecutor Chastity Riley is back in a high political crime, in the center of the Organized crime. This time, the Patriarchal structures of the Clan-families from the Middle East, the gift of noise and happiness of the shops involved. A more explosive and clever society novel is not only exciting, but also a literary convincing.

“Would you rather love more and suffer more or less love and less suffering?” This intriguing question was the starting point in the new novel by the eminent British novelist Julian Barnes – a novel that leaves a reading of the ground under the feet. Barnes portrays the love story between a young man and a 30 years older woman in a small town near London in the ‘ 60s. An Amour fou that ends disastrous. A reflection on the nature of love – a humorous, bleak, distressing, painful. And tremendously life smart.

The collected Essays and reportage of the “Rebells of American literature” in a Band (note: about 1000 pages, but it’s worth it!). Wallace reported of “Federer moments” and the almost religious experience of Watching his tennis game (“Mozart and Metallica in a personal Union”). He tells of cruises and explains why they make unbearably sad (a “damning sense of his own insignificance”). He visited Lobster Festivals and award ceremonies of the porn film industry. Ideology and criticism of Consumerism to the highest level – surprising, entertaining, challenging, in short: absolutely awesome!

Whether, Say, myths, fairy tales or novels – Köhlmeiers books are always great cinema. In the current novel by the Austrian writer it comes to interpersonal relationships – between siblings, parents and children and friends. And, of course, love relationships. A man disappears from one day to the other and leaves a wife and sister at a loss. Now it is time to look back and take stock … One of the best narrators in the German-speaking area!

In the United States is Maya Angelou a legend, in this country it is yet to be discovered! Her autobiographical novel from 1969 shows the hard struggle of black women to acceptance, and against racism. In 36 stations of her life, the image of a woman who went against all odds your way unfolds as a night club dancer, singer, prostitute, actress and poet. For me, one of the great literary discoveries of this year!

of Course you should read Elena, the Neapolitan Saga “My brilliant friend” Ferrante first of all, the soon to be run as a series on Pay-TV. But then immediately this novel: In the centre a mother of 50, which must be after the departure of their two daughters with their mother’s role stands apart – and the brutally honest and painful. A book that hits right to the heart of the “Regretting Motherhood”-discussion – motif and a monster fine and insistently in literature is implemented.

relaxed cooking. The star chef Tanja Grandits from Basel has compiled a new cookbook: this Time, (and that makes me happy as a mother of two children) with recipes for each day. For Breakfast and on the go, from small Snacks and appetizers, vegetarian dishes, fish and meat, or Hearty from the oven to Dessert ideas. Always important: to make it uncomplicated.

The Manesse Verlag in 1944 in Zurich, founded – is 75. And gives us readers a spectacular photo book. Photographer Helmut Schlaiss traveled for three years on the traces of Goethe to Italy, and captured the places of this journey 200 years later. The result is a fabulous documentation in Black-and – White complemented with Goethe’s text, which interweaves past and present with great skill. From home traveling to Italy – a photographic adventure, great!

After her studies of languages, as well as economic and cultural studies in Passau (D), worked for the native Berliner in the German literature publishers and in 2003 the magazine “You” in Zurich. Since 2008, Nicola Steiner is a member of the literature editorial Board of the SRF. In 2014, she became a presenter of the “literature club”. Nicola Steiner lives with her husband and two children (10 and 13) in Zurich.