Java has grown in popularity over the last few years due to several possibilities that it could give rise to.

It has been in use for several years and has become the base for Google’s Android apps development. Server-side applications and computer programs, as well as, J2EE web and enterprise applications have also seen constant changes for performance and speed.

In this article, we would outline the ten (10) benefits of Java for windows 10 64 bit options and ways to get the best out of the programming language.

#1 Ease of Use

Java is a programming language that is not difficult to learn. With little effort, programmers can easily generate, compile, and debug source codes. They can also develop applications with a highly interactive graphical user interface conveniently. The programs that are created using Java has constantly done well in performance tests.

Multiple inheritances, allocation, and reallocation of memory, as well as pointers which are seen in C, is not a problem in Java. There are several tools that facilitate writing program code and debugging to help prevent performance issues in the long run.

#2 Cross-Platform Support

Java source codes and programs are platform independent. They can run on any machine with a different operating system.  Programmers do not have to write alternate versions of code every time they are trying to add new functionality for use on different platforms. You can conveniently copy programs from one system for use on another. It can also be observed that the same set of applets on web pages work on all machines, regardless of the operating system that is running on it.

#3 Object-Oriented Programming Approach

Java supports the object-oriented programming system which allows you to write code in modular forms which can be reused. Java program code can be written in terms of objects which can modify other objects through several procedures. These objects make it easy for developers to write new programs or make changes to existing ones without having to generate the entire code from scratch.

#4 Robust

Java is designed to give programmers full control over the way they code. You can easily check or prepare for errors even before they happen. With its efficient memory management features, you do not have to worry about garbage collection or using up the space that is available to your program.

Its platform independence led to the need for a robust program that has the right tools to ensure that errors do not occur at runtime.

#5 Scalability

Java is scalable and can perform efficiently on low-end machines and servers as well as powerful models. When you download Java for windows 10 64 bit or the 32-bit option, you get an entire platform that runs over the base operating system, and handles Java program requirements while reducing strain on the host. It handles the allocation of resources to make sure that a low internet bandwidth or memory does not affect the overall performance of your Java application.

#6 Security

Safety and security are important on all platforms. The security features of Java ensures that users stay protected while running various programs. It prevents the execution of subversive code to ensure that your digital information is safe. There are no pointers and all source codes are verified for integrity before they are executed. Users can adjust the security settings to restrict access for untested Java programs including applets. This ensures that they do not access your system files, network, and other resources on the machine.

#7 Multifaceted

Java is available to users that are developing software using the Standard Edition. They can easily access the necessary libraries and packages for creating stand-alone applications that run on your machine.  You can also develop several modules that can handle requests from clients and servers that are on a network.

Java is also used in the Android development scene to improve the security of the OS, ensuring that it does not crash easily due to the fact that mobiles may be constantly connected to the internet which is filled with malicious software. Its flexibility as a programming language has continuously increased its popularity as it is now used in various forms for software development.

#8 Multithreading

The Java platform supports multithreading which involves the handling of several units of data processing. Each application may have one or more threads which perform different functions. You can have a main thread that branches off into other smaller threads which carry out various actions like network handling, memory management, and lots more. This can be seen with applets that are capable of fetching information from various sources on your browser.

#9 Large Developer Community

There is a large developer community that is constantly providing support to Java users. They share their knowledge and new ideas that can help you to solve any problems that you might have. The several forums with active java user groups are on hand to assist you in customizing your java setting in the best way possible regardless of your skill level.

#10 Totally Free

Java for windows 10 64 bit or the 32-bit option can be downloaded for free, whether you are a developer or not. The fact that you get to enjoy all the security features of java and more for free, led to its rise in popularity among developers. Users can freely learn, share, and modify components for free without any restrictions.


Java has several amazing benefits and continues to improve the way we interact with various software and the internet. It offers several tools that can be used to customize your overall experience.

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