1. Rüeblimärt in Aarau, What: Here is all about carrots. Be offered different varieties and products, when: Wednesday, 6. November 2019, charmed From 8 to 18 PM Where: Aarau

The popular Rüeblimärt as every year on the first Wednesday in November, the visitors.

2. Foire de Brent What: Big village festival with market stalls, cattle show, and kostümiertem children’s procession when: From 8. to 15. November 2019 Where: Brent VD, Foire de Brent

This year, the market is an event with historical Background from the middle ages, which takes place since 1486, every year, in the small village above Montreux. In addition to the traditional parade, visitors can enjoy local specialities such as Bratwurst, Atriaux and fricassee and wine from the Region.

3. The Obwalden Chancellery Alpchäsmärt What: The traditional Chäsmärt with products of local dairies Where: the village square in Sarnen, when: At the 2. November 2019, From 9 am to 16 PM

The small village is located in the Canton of Obwalden, on the idyllic Älggialp in Sachseln. With a lot of heart blood, the Obwalden Chancellery Alpchäs is made to a traditional recipe. On the market various Alpine dairies sell their spicy cheese, but also other fine farm products are on the market to. The petting zoo, “Brätchäs” from the fire and the alpmulchen competition are part of the framework programme.

4. Saint-Martin has received in Porrentruy, What: In the Region of Ajoie a rich culinary Sankt Martin tradition. Restaurants offer special delicacies of Where: 2900 Porrentruy when: From 9 to 11. November 2019

In the Ajoie and in Porrentruy, festival, traditionally, the Saint-Martin and the Martini market. The Festival will take place on the second weekend in November instead, and the “Revira” on the third weekend. The Martini market begins on the first weekend of the Festival, in Porrentury and lasts for two weeks.

5. Gansabhauet in Sursee, What: of Tradition, of a dead goose in front of city hall in the head to escape. Then turnip lantern procession Where: Sursee LU when: On. 11. November 2019 15 PM

The traditional Gansabhauet in Sursee is separated with connected eyes of a hung-up goose by the neck. In the case of the Gansabhauet it comes with a sabre blow to the neck of a dead, the back of the head hung a goose, with a single slash to separate. The origins of the Gansabhauet are in the dark. Sure is only, that the customs were common to the valuable spring cattle earlier in the whole of Europe. In 1820, the custom disappeared from Sursee, four decades later, he was resurrected to new life.

The Martini festival is not limited in Sursee on the Gansabhauet. In the pauses between the blows, children can earn the “Stängechlädere” gifts to get or when “Chäszänne” with a crazy Grimace of a piece of cheese. Also a “turnip lantern”-relocation is not missing.

6. Martini market in Schaffhausen What: market with regional products, craft and many catering options Where: old town of Schaffhausen when : On 15. and 16. November 2019

Here there is everything that warms the heart and stomach, and much more, for example, to the parlor or to decorate themselves. The booths of the Martini market takes place on the Herrenacker, and the surrounding streets of the old town. It is open from 9 to 19 o’clock.

7. Nidwalder Alpchäsmärcht What: products from the Nidwalder country and Alpine farming, a fondue evening and farmer’s Breakfast Where: Old protect the house Beckenried, when: 16. and 17. November 2019

The Nidwalder Alpchäsmärcht is a traditional market with a diverse range of Alpine milk specialities and regional the biggest selection of different Cheeses, farm products, and gift articles. In addition to a unique insight into the native tümliche Tradition of cheese making on the Alps, receive visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of local specialities. Part of the diverse framework programme of the Alpchäs-fondue on Saturday night and the farmer’s Breakfast on Sunday morning are also.

8. Saint Catherine festival and market in Sierre What: the Highlight of The Dorffests the choice of you will: young ladies with exceptional Creations Where: Sierre, VS, Salgesch and the surrounding area when: From the 22. to 25. November 2019

The St. Catherine festival is held every year at the end of November from Friday to Monday. As the culmination of the election of the “you will” on Monday evening is. The traditional market is held on Monday in the centre of the city Siders.

9. Truffles market in Murten, What: Here it’s all about the black tuber truffle products. A Gala Dinner, there is also Where: Murten, Rathausgasse when: Saturday, 16. November, 2019 from 09 to 17 PM, Sunday, 17. November, 2019 from 09 to 16 o’clock

Who in the art of truffle cooking implement, the precious black fungus in different variants to try and insights into the fascinating world of the Truffle hunter would like to catch, you must be on to Murten. There, in the middle of the historic medieval town, is held the last Swiss truffle market of the season.

About 20 stands with truffles and truffle products await guests. The truffle fondue and other specialities are served in the tent. At the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening, you are allowed to) even on a 5-goer from the realm of the “black diamonds” – free (table for 10 people for 1500 CHF.

10. Zibelemärit in Bern, What: On every fourth Monday in November to the onion Where: market place turns in Bern and commercial police, preachers, alley 5, Bern when: On. 25. November 2019 (From 6.00 to 8.00 am)

The “Zibelemärit” is not a simple market, but a unique Swiss customs. This popular festival is a “fun fair” with music, cheese cake, mulled wine and a wide range of entertainment will be celebrated – with the difference that everything here revolves around the onion.