was on the phone with her mother, said that she’ll be home soon. However, Migros teaching daughter Elida Osmani came on the evening of 6. November 2017 never home. On the Zebra stripes of the hendschiker road in Lenzburg, AG, you captured the car from a dentist in K. S. a* (81) – unrestrained.

The young woman was thrown, later succumbed to her fatal head injury. Now the 81 is accused of-year-old negligent homicide. The public Prosecutor’s office requested an immediate custodial sentence of 15 months.

Because the dentist was a notorious traffic offenders. Like LOOK, showed the research, drove K. S. without a ticket – not for the first Time: He had to give up the driver’s license in 2010, due to a medium-heavy offense for a month. But K. S. remained incorrigible: In 2011, he was caught in urban areas, 80 km/h!

Although he fought against the re-ticket-withdrawal, through all the instances, but remained without success. He had to give the card a longer.

58 km/h The office of the public Prosecutor of Lenzburg recorded

-Aarau accuses the 81-year-old Swiss, to have the accident with Elida his attention to the area around the pedestrian strip, but mainly the 250 meters further away, light system and so the young woman on the pedestrian crossing overlook directed.

K. S. said at the time: “It was dark and it was raining. I saw the woman. I braked until it popped.” The young woman had risen to the stop of the Neuhof road from the Bus and was about to cross the traffic island divided crosswalk in the direction of the castle when she was captured by the vehicle of the accused.

family moved due to an accident way

the Prosecutor’s commissioned traffic engineering report comes to the conclusion that the Accused had recorded the foot-goer with a minimum speed of 58 km/h. In addition to negligent homicide, the prosecution Lenz throws castle-Aarau Lead the accused of a motor vehicle, in spite of the withdrawal of the driving licence as well as failure to respect the indicated maximum speed. The charges at the district court of Lenzburg pending.

The family of Elida moved away, according to his Cousin after the accident, of Lenzburg – you have not lived near the accident site, suffered it to be any day of the accident reminded. (you)

* the Name of the Red. known