phone, Laptop since in the normal case, Marcus Mann (36) is like a telephone switchboard. However, in the times of Corona-crisis, everything is different.

“ready to Live” the solidarity of The club is no alternative! Source: IMAGE 22:27 Min. Share Tweet send via email, via Whatsapp

Because his office saarbrücken’s Director of sport only rarely send. Also, he is working mainly in the own four walls. And clear: makers how man is mightily pissed.

that’s Why sucks the Corona break!

man: “Because of the uncertainty, it is difficult to lead the contract talks.” This is what he wants to say quickly back to normal life: “We are motivated to reach what is, therefore, a rest phase is more negative than positive.”

saarbrücken’s head of sports, but we know that currently all in the football business have to wait for it to be achieved by force, nothing is. So the man tries as far as possible the normal work.